Discover the Most Unique Father’s Day Gift Ideas for 2022

By  //  May 3, 2022

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Fathers day will be here before you know it and it’s that special time to celebrate all the special men in our lives. Fathers have such an important role in the life of those that they impact, and this father’s day you want to find equally special ways to say thank you for all they do.

Families are beautiful and dynamic, and each one is wholly their own and unique. Saying happy fathers day with the perfect gift that lets your dad know they are loved and appreciated doesn’t have to be hard. 

Here are six of the most unique ways to say ‘Happy Fathers Day!’ this upcoming fathers day! 

For All the Dads That Went Above and Beyond

Dads just have that place in your heart that’s hard to describe. You love them, respect them, and to some degree, you will always find ways that you want to be like them. Throughout your whole life, they’re guiding presence is meant to help fortify you as a person and be there for you when you need to lean on them. 

For those fathers who went above and beyond and dedicated their lives to the protection of our great country, get them something special like a customized dog tag from This service is dedicated to honoring the men and women who have bravely served their country, by providing high-quality products like custom dog tags and uniform accessories. 

A Healthy, Delicious, Life-Style Choice

One of the trademark qualities of a good dad is one that constantly worked hard to provide for his family and those that he loved. This father’s day, get your dad the gift of healthy, homemade meals delivered regularly to his door. 

Thistle’s meal delivery service does just that! Chose from a wide variety of delicious, handmade meals that put nutritional value front and center without ever compromising on that delicious taste of good, wholesome food. You set the tone and the speed of how many meals you want a week, and the more meals you order, the more you save per meal. This is a perfect gift for a dad that struggles with cooking or is maybe too busy to spend the time making healthy meal choices. 

A Gift That He Can Show Off

Every dad is different, and no two fathers are the same. Some dads are quiet and laid back while others have a bright personality that can be complimented well by a Cuban link chain. This collection of masculine jewelry from JAXXON provides a wide variety of Cuban link chains in gold, silver, and other metals.

If you have a dad that would love to show off a little bling, this is a great choice. Subtle, and masculine, yet still noticeable enough to be appreciated, JAXXON’s Cuban link chain is a great choice for men’s jewelry.  

Each Cuban link chain is uniquely designed and can be ordered as a bracelet or a necklace. With expert craftsmanship and high-quality build, this distinct, masculine piece of jewelry will work with almost any outfit and is a powerful way of letting your dad know he matters this Father’s day.

Bring On The Drinks!

Father’s day is in the month of June and it is a warm time to be out in the sun. This father’s day, say thanks to your dad with a case of original Tepache, fresh from Mexico. Tepache is a popular Hispanic drink made from fermented pineapple. Rich in probiotics, this fermented drink isn’t just insanely delicious and refreshing, it’s actually good for your stomach! 

Not only is this a gift that your dad is sure to love and get addicted to, but it’s actually healthy on top of that. It’s hard to beat the fresh, pronounced flavors of Tepache, and once your dad tries his first one, he’ll be hooked for life. With incredible flavors like grapefruit lime, watermelon jalapeno, and orange turmeric, your dad will enjoy every last drop. 

Fun In The Water

June isn’t just a good time for refreshing, cold drinks, but an awesome time for the pool, lake, river, or beach trip. This father’s day, get your dad cool pool floats that he’ll use to relax and unwind in the warm sun. Nothing is quite as relaxing as lathering up in sunscreen, throwing on some sunglasses, then laying on a pool float while the water rocks you to sleep. Give your dad a cool pool float that he can use on his own, or when he plays with the grandkids this father’s day. 

Give The Gift of Memories

One of the most important parts about celebrating dad this father’s day is remembering all the awesome memories that he built with you over the years. From learning how to ride your bike to walking you through the death of the first family pet, dads have an incredible way of being there for us through it all. 

This year, use Shutterfly to make a custom photo book that showcases all of those special moments with dad that are so unforgettable. It’s never been easier to curate and create an incredible, high-quality, photo book experience than it is with Shutterfly’s online tool.

Showcasing free designer services, and easy to use interface, creating a beautiful photo book of memories is nothing to be afraid of. Capturing all of your favorite, most enduring moments with your dad across the year in a photo book is an incredible way of showing your dad how much all of those priceless moments mean. 


Dad’s are so worth celebrating, and with these great Father’s day present ideas you can celebrate your dad like you never have. The most important thing to remember this Friday is to treasure every moment you have with him. Even if you can’t be there in person, and you are getting him a gift via some kind of service, make sure and call your dad up and let him know how much he matters.