Effective Tips To Stop Using Gadgets Before Sleep Time

By  //  May 25, 2022

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Do you find trouble getting a goodnight’s sleep? One of the key reasons could be that you use your phone or tablet at your bedtime. Staying awake with your blue light-emitting device can rob off your sleep. 

The blue light that emits from LED screens can either stop or slow down the pace of the secretion of melatonin hormone that alerts the brain to go to sleep mode. So, if you have the habit of falling asleep with your electronic gadgets, then the below tips will help.

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How Does Blue Light Interfere With Your Sleep?

The use of electronics at sleep time can cause a destructive impact on your sleep pattern. This is because the blue light that is emitted by your phone messes with the signals of the brain. It keeps your brain alert and awake and prevents you from going to sleep. 

The light tricks your mind that it is daytime. It makes it difficult to fall asleep. It makes you less attentive and focused on the very next day. In such a scenario, what you can do is relax your mind and sink into a drowsy state. 

If this tendency of using electronic gadgets continues for the long term, then it can result in several health issues such as feeling fatigued, depression, sleepless nights, insomnia, obesity, and other adverse health issues.

Tips to Reduce or Avoid The Use of Blue Light-Emitting Devices

Use software Apps

■ Apple iOS 9.3 comes with a built-in warm orange-red filter that modifies the color temperature of the screen. This filter feels light on the eyes and automatically disappears in the morning

■ Alternatively, iPhone or iPad users who run the iOS 9.3 version, can use the “Turn on” Night Shift feature to adjust the hue of their device’s screen. 

Keep A Book Near Your Bed

The bedroom is the place of relaxation, revitalization, and rest. Reading an inspirational novel or uplifting stories before going to bed also has a positive impact on the mind. It is a good way to resist your urge to use technology during sleep time. A bedtime read is beneficial to pacify your mind that makes it easier to sleep. 

Keep your Apps on Silent mode

The app notifications that pop up on the device screen can interrupt your slumber. To prevent them from disturbing your sleep is to keep the apps as well as your phone on silent mode. 

Use A Blue-Light-Blocking Screen 

Another way to prevent exposure to blue light is to stick a blue light blocking screen on your phone/tablet. This is a thin film that will block sleep-restricting blue light by warming the screen color. It will enable people to work on electronic devices while restricting the brain-stimulating impact of screen glare. 

Use Blue-Light-Shielding Glasses

There are some cool and sporty-looking glasses available online and offline that could work as a light-blocking filter. It is ideal for those who spend most of the time using computers, TV, and phones. 

Use Screen Protector Hardware 

Screen protectors are great hardware that helps combats blue light that emits from the screen of electronic gadgets at all times. You can find several types of screen protector devices on the market based on the type of electronic device you use. 

Shut off your phone

To prevent your temptation to stare at the mobile phone screen, it is best to switch off your phone. Do this at least one hour before you reach the bed. It could prove to be beneficial in getting restful sleep at night.

Quite Your Smart Speakers

One of the ways to mute your speakers whenever you want to is by using smart speakers. Such devices would not make a sound unless you have set an alarm or a timer. Smart speakers also block alerts and other notifications. Lower the brightness of the speakers. Turning on a “Do Not Disturb” mode will help block sounds that may arise at night.


The use of electronic gadgets before sleep time can deteriorate your sleep.  It is beneficial to implement these tips to overcome your habit. Spending a few minutes relaxing your body through meditation, relaxing music, inspirational stories, etc. will help you get a sound sleep.