Everything You Need To Know About Liposuction

By  //  May 25, 2022

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Liposuction can be used to remove fat you are unable to lose through diet and exercise. To improve your shape, a plastic or dermatologic surgeon will usually perform the procedure on your abdomen, hips, stomach, thighs, back, arms, under the chin, or face. Liposuction is also possible with other plastic surgery, such as breast reductions, facelifts, and tummy tucks.

Am I A Good Candidate?

Realistic expectations are important. You should have realistic expectations. Liposuction will not remove cellulite.

There are risks associated with liposuction. You must be healthy before you undergo liposuction.

This means that you should be at the minimum:

■ Keep your ideal weight within 30%

■ You should have elastic, firm skin

■ Not smoke

 If you have a problem with blood flow, heart disease, diabetes, or weak immunity, doctors won’t recommend this procedure.

What Should I Know Before I Go?

Consult with your surgeon first. Discuss your goals, the options available, the risks and benefits, as well as the costs. Ask all questions.

Your surgeon will provide instructions on how to prepare for liposuction if you decide to do it. These could include restrictions on diet and alcohol.

 Discuss any allergies with your surgeon. You take, both over-the-counter as well as herbal Supplements. You will be asked by your surgeon to stop using certain medications, including blood thinners, several weeks before the surgery.

What Should I Expect?

You may have your liposuction performed at your doctor’s office, or a hospital. You should ensure that the facility where you are having it done is licensed and has a reputation for safety, professionalism, and excellent results.

The day after the procedure, you will be able to go home. After the procedure, you will be driven home by someone. If you have a lot of fat to be removed, it is best to get the procedure done at a hospital where you can stay overnight.

Your doctor may mark the areas that will be treated before you start liposuction. You may be asked to take photographs for later comparisons.

Types Of Liposuction

There are only a few liposuction methods. They all use a thin tube (called a cannula) to remove the fat from the body.

The most popular technique is tumescent liposuction. The surgeon injects a sterile solution into the area to be removed. It contains saline, which is saltwater, lidocaine as well as Epinephrine. This makes it easier to remove fat and causes less pain.

Ultrasound-assisted liposuction or UAL uses sound wave energy to break down the fat cells. This makes the fat liquefy so that it can be suctioned.

Laser-assisted liposuction by https://www.orlandoliposuction.com/ uses a laser to create a burst of energy to liquefy fat.

How Long Is Recovery?

Depending on what type of surgery you had, you might not need to stay at the hospital. However, you can expect some bruising, swelling, and soreness for at most a few weeks.

To reduce swelling, your surgeon may ask you to wear a compression suit for up to two months following surgery.

To prevent infection, you will likely need to take antibiotics. Most people can return to work in a matter of days, and resume normal activities in a matter of weeks. Every person is unique.