How is the Plumbing Industry Changing?

By  //  May 15, 2022

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The plumbing industry has always been under constant changes. As the technology evolved, so did the houseware systems. Working methods have changed, as much as the customer approach. It’s not enough to fix your client’s water drainage. You also need to provide information regarding the issue, be friendly and have an online presence. Besides these details, the plumbing industry is evolving faster than ever.

It uses better technology

Plumbing is one of the most important industries because people often need professional help to handle their drainage system issues. But as a plumbing service provider,beyond installing and repairing systems, you also need to keep up with technology and use the best appliances.

Therefore, you should know that now you can install a water leak detection device on your clients’ facilities to avoid any breakage or use special devices that can make fixing plumbing issues easier.

Along with the latest technology, clients want to be environmentally responsible. That means that green plumbing is one of the newest trends that aim to reduce water consumption and save energy. You can decide to get a solar water system that warms up the water in your house through a solar panel installed on your roof. It saves money and operates only on the energy from the sun.

Insurance policies provide better coverage

Even with all the innovation and technology, plumbing has its risks. Having to cut metal or plastic pipes is dangerous even when professionally performed. Therefore, you definitely need plumbing insurance.

You could use it to cover certain dangerous situations, like exposure to contaminated materials and sewage, commercial auto exposures (to cover any damages when transporting workers or equipment) or cuts, burns, back injuries.

If you’re running a small business, you need the right insurance plan. Think about possible damages to your business property, lawsuits, claims, theft, etc. Before going in with the basic insurance type, evaluate your prospects carefully.

It offers customers a personalized experience

Nowadays, with all the technology expanding, customers expect plumbers to offer more than basic services. They are looking for an elevated customer experience, so provide them with :

 A chat feature where clients can communicate their problems to you;

Online booking appointments and payment features;

An app to track arrival time of the plumber (similar to the characteristic of ridesharing apps, where you know when your driver will arrive)

Plumbers need to be present in the online marketplace

The online environment plays an important role in choosing the best plumber. Before calling someone to fix their issue, people need to see a profile and decide if that person is the best fit for them. Each plumber needs a short but convincing resume and generally good reviews from real clients.

Businesses in the plumbing industry need to have the best employees and improve their internet presence by constantly updating their services and having a great customer support system.

Therefore, plumbing services have evolved with the help of technology, regarding both the customer experience and up-to-date techniques and materials. At the same time, they have adapted to the trends, becoming more efficient and client-oriented than before.