How Medical Advancements Have Changed Tummy Tucks

By  //  May 18, 2022

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A tummy tuck, also known as abdominoplasty, is a surgical procedure to enhance the shape and appearance of the abdominal muscles by removing excess fat from the area.

The procedure was first performed in 1890, and it has become increasingly popular since the turn of the 20th century. People went through tummy tucks for medical purposes in the past, but it has become a standard procedure for cosmetic purposes today. Medical advancements and modern techniques have altered tummy tuck procedures in a few ways.

Availability of Qualified Surgeons

More surgeons have access to higher education and valuable resources today, allowing them to become experts in their field. Their expertise allows them to perform safe tummy tucks on all patients with low risks of complications, which wasn’t readily available in the 1800s when tummy tucks were first introduced.

Consult qualified surgeons from renowned medical and beauty centers like GraceMed plastic surgery clinics to find the best professional for your tummy tuck. Their experience will provide you with the confidence to book your tummy tuck appointment and enjoy its benefits. Discussing your expectations from the tummy tuck with an experienced plastic surgeon can help you achieve your desired results and clear any doubts from your mind.

You Won’t Lose Your Belly Button

When tummy tucks were performed before the 20th century, the primary purpose was critical wound care. So, the final results left many patients without a belly button while removing excess skin from the abdominal area.

As modern techniques began to develop, patients who have been undergoing tummy tucks since the 20th century are no longer at risk of losing their belly button. In 1905, French plastic surgeons discovered ways to preserve the belly button by using vertical and horizontal incisions to create small flaps to work, rather than creating one large horizontal incision across the entire abdomen.

Useful for Various Purposes

Tummy tucks were commonly embraced as a procedure to treat wounds or treat umbilical hernias, which would result in a bulging belly. After surgeons began to change a tummy after the procedure, it started to become a more common procedure to treat cosmetic issues.

People use tummy tucks for various purposes today, such as weight loss aid or to reform tummy after giving birth. Since tummy tucks have continued to gain popularity, clinics have started offering different forms of the procedure to help you pick the right type of treatment. Some options include the drain-free tummy tuck, mini tummy tuck, full tummy tuck, and extended tummy tuck.

Better Techniques Offered

Thanks to modern technology, clinics can offer better techniques to ensure you receive a successful tummy tuck treatment. Most clinics use modern technology and the help of skilled surgeons to help their patients achieve risk-free tummy tuck treatment.

Consistent research and upgrades in technology allow the cosmetic procedure industry to offer valuable treatments to their patients’ interest in tummy tucks.

Although tummy tucks have been around for decades, constant improvements have helped clinics offer the best treatment to their patients.