How to Help People Dying of Thirst in Thar

By  //  May 26, 2022

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Famine and water scarcity are the main reasons which kill thousands of children every year. These are basic necessities that everyone should have access to. The number of people mentioned above may appear to be excessive, yet it is the terrible truth for the people of Thar. This is how difficult their life has become, and they become unable to go on about their daily life activities. 

The severity of the Thar water deficit is unfathomable. Despite its large population of around 1.6 million people, Thar remains a neglected region that suffers greatly from food and water scarcity. You can’t imagine going a single day without drinking water, but the inhabitants of Thar have been without it for years.

Imagine having no water to wash your face, imagine having no water to cook your food, imagine having no water to give to your kids. It’s hard to even fathom that, right? This is why some organizations are working hard to help people dying of thirst in Thar. 

About Ek Plate Biryani – A Wonderful Organization To Help The People of Thar

Ek Plate Biryani is a handful of Canadian residents who work for the well-being of the Thar people. The main motive of this organization is to help those who are suffering in the world. It may be hard to help everyone, but we can always start with something small. When they embarked on this journey, they didn’t know who to trust. So they decided to go an extra mile and create a platform where anyone from anywhere in the world can help the needy. 

Ek Plate Biryani operates in Pakistan, Uganda, India, and Bangladesh. A number of skilled, professional, and honest operation and quality control managers, as well as several volunteers, make up their brilliant team.

Their primary purpose is to assist folks in whatever manner they can. So far, they’ve completed the following projects:

■ Ek Plate Biryani frequently delivers ration packages with a full month’s worth of groceries door-to-door in underserved communities. This helps to reduce food scarcity a little bit. 

■ For those in need, they deliver fresh, ready-to-eat meals. They have provided food to 400,000 people in the last year which is a huge amount. 

■ To deal with water problems, their crew installed 11 tube wells in Rohingya, Bangladesh. It’s indeed a great initiative to help people with water issues. 

■ Covid19 demanded immediate action. During this pandemic alone, they have fed nearly 90,000 people.

■ In Pakistan, they developed a refuge house just for women.

■ They worked with a few schools in Pakistan to supply them with basic essentials including books, desks, uniforms, and sanitary facilities.

■ SIUT, Pakistan’s premier urology center, has received dialysis machines from them.

All of this would not have been possible without your help. This is why it is essential to help people whenever you get the chance or see a post from a good organization. 

How to Help People Dying of Thirst in Thar

You may help the people of Thar put an end to their never-ending pain by donating to Ekplatebiryani in Thar. By donating to Ekplatebiryani for the installation of water hand pumps, you may help the people of Thar. If you donate charity in Thar, it will be Sadaqah Jariyah.

Your donations provide you with the highest everlasting reward. Serving humanity gives you a sense of accomplishment and responsibility. Sadaqah Jariyah will assist you both in this life and in the next. You can even sponsor a hand pump in your or a loved one’s name and receive huge benefits for relieving a whole village’s thirst.

Because Thar has such a large population, hand pumps will continue to be needed. There is still a long way to go in ending Thar’s misery. The only solution to their issues is to install a sufficient number of hand pumps in diverse Thar communities. Tharis can benefit from hand pumps in a variety of ways, including:

■ A better water supply will result in a sufficient and appropriate crop supply.

■ There will be no food insecurity once crops are cultivated properly.

■ Tharis cats and animals will no longer suffer, and they will be able to obtain enough food to ensure their survival.

■ Tharis overall hygiene and sanitation will improve as a result of regular access to water.

■ The spread of several fatal diseases will be controlled once cleanliness is improved.

■ The rates of infant and maternal mortality will drop dramatically. In summary, Tharis overall health will improve.


If you have the chance to help the needy, don’t miss it. You never know whose prayer can benefit you in the long run. Take small steps to bring a smile to people’s faces. It will bring you immense pleasure to help those around you.