How to Sell Online?

By  //  May 9, 2022

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The question of selecting a service for payment processing is faced by every owner of an online store in Europe. However, it is especially acute for those who are just now transferring offline sales to online. Visit, and they will help you to choose the best option for payment processing for your website.

What are the ways to receive online payments?

Attaching a payment form to the site is simple, and organizing payments competently and for reasonable money is top-notch. Consider the most popular methods that make it possible to transfer money and pay online in USD and EUR on the site.

The client can make online payments using:

 bank cards;

electronic wallets;

mobile payments (via sending SMS);

Internet banking (payment through a banking application online).

Now, you, as the owner of an online store, need to open a merchant account and choose a means of accepting online payment on your site and for payment processing. The main things you need to pay attention to when choosing one or another method are:

Let the client choose a convenient payment method. The fewer intermediaries involved in processing each payment, the lower the commission is, which is good for you as a business owner, but fewer payment options will be available for the client. Accordingly, you need to find for yourself the optimal cost of the commission for services. Consider Maxpay Account as an example with affordable prices and high-quality service.

Pay attention to how convenient it will be to connect the cash register to the chosen payment method and payment processing.

Level of reliability of the online account and the system for payment processing.

Your online account and payment processing

A payment gateway is not a payment system. It does not accept payments from buyers. Its purpose is to provide a secure connection between your store and the payment processor that the buyer has chosen to pay, so to provide payment processing.

After the buyer presses the ‘pay’ button, the payment processing system starts working:

It encrypts the buyer’s data over a secure channel and transmits it to the selected payment processor. 

It redirects the customer to the payment terminal. 

After the transaction is completed, the payment system can send information about the payment (successful or not) through it back to the store.

The buyer can also return from the payment system to the store. When choosing a payment processing system, do not forget about the need for it to support the laws.

When you open a merchant account and utilize proper payment processing, it will be convenient and safe for the customer: he provides personal data only to the payment processing system and not to each seller individually.

The more payment methods are on the site, the better, as there is a guarantee that the client will find a suitable option for himself and will not go to a competitor. If you are just starting to practice online sales or have a small turnover, we recommend you consider the Maxpay Account.

Choose the right payment system, increase customer loyalty and sales through the site, thereby recouping the money for connecting online payments.