Is My Computer Worth Repairing?

By  //  May 25, 2022

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You should always get a free repair estimate before you decide whether you want to replace or fix your computer. Reputable computer repair shops will provide free estimates and diagnose the problem for you. You’re likely lazy if you don’t get a quote before deciding on whether to repair or replace your computer. You’re probably flying blind if you don’t know how much a computer repair costs.

Google it if you don’t know where a computer repairs shop is located near you. Look for a trustworthy store that has good reviews and offers free estimates.

Now that you have an idea of the cost of a repair, you can start asking yourself some more questions. It may be possible that you don’t know all the answers to these questions. This is why it can be helpful to speak with professionals. You need someone you can trust to give honest answers. Below is a list of questions that are most relevant to you:

Condition – How far back is your computer? Is it less than one year? 1-4 years? 5-8 years? 8+ years? Are you sure it is running the most current version of your operating system or an older one? Are there any other technologies that your computer doesn’t use? You probably have at least one issue with your computer and are considering computer repairs. Is there any other problem with your computer? Did you consult an expert to determine if there was anything else wrong? Would your computer be as fast as new if it was given a software reset and data backup?

Repair Vs. Replacement – How much does it cost to repair your computer compared to the original price you paid? How much would a new computer run you (incl? Hardware upgrades, software, accessories, and shipping + tax Are you ready to purchase a new laptop right now? What if your computer was repaired? Would it improve its resale value if you decided to buy a new one?

Personal Preference – Is your computer set up exactly as you want it? If so, would that make it difficult to recreate? Do you feel attached to a particular computer? (e.g., are you comfortable with the size/design/keyboard layout) Or would you be happy with any computer? Are you happy with a functional gadget that isn’t too new or do you prefer the latest gadgets?

You’ve made your decision already? Great! Do you still have questions? Don’t worry, we have answers for you.

Condition – Computers don’t last forever. But how long? It’s a personal choice and an opinion matter, but a regular consumer should replace their computer approximately every 5-10 years.

Although ten years might seem like an eternity when viewed in terms of computer years, computers are lasting much longer than they did ten years ago.

Price – It’s difficult to be too specific as everyone has different budgets, but the general idea is the same. While a repair will almost always be less expensive than a new computer, if it is expected to cost between 50-70% more than a replacement, then you need to consider the condition of the machine and its age before making a decision.

Personal Preference – Choosing between a repair or replacement computer is not a decision that’s purely about dollars and cents. It might be a good idea to repair your computer if you are happy with the layout and configuration of your computer. It’s not a good idea to replace a machine that you love if it can be fixed.