Motivation Letter Editing Guide + Examples for 2022

By  //  May 17, 2022

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A motivation letter is usually written as an essay where a candidate explains why he or she applies for a grant or admission to some university or company. 

It is necessary not only to write the letter correctly but also to edit it in a proper way. One can always utilize a letter of motivation editing service for the latter purpose. It is a smart choice, especially for those writing such a letter for the first time. In addition, we are going to share some useful tips on the topic here.

Check-list for editing your cover letter

While editing, check that you haven’t missed anything important and that you have answered all the questions in your letter:

 Why did you choose this university, company, or program?

How did you learn about it?

Why are you interested in this activity?

What makes this university or program different from others? (outstanding professors, exciting courses, internship opportunities in international companies, etc.)

What education do you have? (write about your academic performance, indicate the average score, and mention scholarships and grants received)

Do you have any hobbies related to your professional activity? (perhaps, you are an English teacher but also interested in Gestalt psychology)

What catchy examples related to the chosen activity can you derive from your life or study?

What are your goals? (language learning, advanced training, useful contacts, the opportunity to get an internship in a cool company, etc.)

How do you plan to use the acquired knowledge in the future? (it is advisable to write something about the good for all mankind if you choose scientific or volunteer activities)

Design and editing 

For admission, you usually need a motivation letter, resume, and portfolio, and all the documents must be drawn up in the same style. You do not have to be a designer for this, as a beautiful design can be found on many web resources that are free for use. You can use any ready-made templates or create your own exclusive design with various visual elements, beautiful fonts, and complementing backgrounds.

We recommend that you follow the basic rules when designing the letter:

Choose templates with solid backgrounds that will retain their readability after printing.

The text should be written in Open Sans, Roboto, PT Serif, or Arimo sans-serif fonts, while decorative fonts are suitable for the title of the letter.

Do not forget about the principle of contrast in the color scheme of the template. Do not make the letters too faded, as they should be easy to read.

It would be great to include the logo of the company or educational institution you are applying to. 

All these efforts will be appreciated, as an admissions committee will notice and remember such a letter.

Also, keep in mind that you can use other people’s examples while writing your letter. However, do not copy them because plagiarism may be revealed and lead to unpleasant consequences.

As for the last and final editing, doing it yourself is not the only option since you can ask specialists from EssayEdge for advice and help.