Space Professional Development Company Nova Space Launches Two New Courses

By  //  May 20, 2022

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Nova Space, a leading space professional-development company, has recently launched two new courses aimed at bridging the skills gap that the space industry is currently experiencing. The courses, “Basic Remote Sensing” and “Basic Satellites Communication,” join the company’s existing professional space courses that are currently in use by professionals wishing to transition into the space industry and by organizations wanting to enhance their employees’ skillsets. 

Though the two courses have different objectives, the overall outcome is identical: to improve the capabilities of existing and prospective space industry professionals via standardized knowledge. 

Nova Space: Leading the Future of Space Professional Development

The need for the courses offered by Nova Space is becoming increasingly apparent. With the private and governmental space industry expected to be valued at $1 trillion by 2040, there’s a growing demand for professionals with applicable, valuable skills. The current STEM skills gap is, in part, a result of the inadequacy of college and technical degrees to fully prepare professionals for a career within the professional space industry.

Even professionals with a space-related degree can find themselves without the skillset needed to navigate the ever-changing space industry. Nova Space aims to help further the skills of existing professionals, as well as help other professionals make the transition into this industry. And these skills are very much in demand: it is no easy task to manufacture and launch a spacecraft. Yet, with the growing commercial space development, plus a continued range of planned governmental missions, it’s crucial that people have access to the skills that’ll allow for a prosperous space industry. 

Remote Sensing Course

The Remote Sensing course will guide the student through the process of designing a remote sensing spacecraft. At the beginning of the module, the student will receive – and analyze – the customer requirements before embarking on an interactive journey during which the student will make decisions covering not only their remote sensing payload, but the orbit design, launch plan, and operations plan for the space system. As students progress through the course, they will gain an understanding of how these decisions in one area will affect another.

Satellite Communications Course

The Satellite Communications course guides the student through the process of designing and implementing a satellite communications system. The student will need to make various decisions regarding many facets of the project, including the design of the payload, orbit design, launch, and the operation of the satellite. All of these decisions will be made in line with the customer’s needs. The course won’t just teach the student all that goes into developing a satellite communications system; it will also show them how to analyze the trade space driven by customer requirements that occur when designing a spacecraft. 

Creating a Learning Ecosystem

The two new Nova Space courses are the latest in what is becoming a vibrant learning ecosystem for the space industry. The company offers a wide variety of courses, including ones relating to rocket science and space launches, space engineering, space environment and electromagnetic radiation theory, and an “Introduction to Orbits” course.

Collectively, these courses work to develop the education of existing space professionals as well as give newcomers to the industry a solid grounding in the underlying foundations that drive the industry. 

Learning: An Integral Part of the Space Industry’s Future

For the first time in many decades, we can say that we’re on the cusp of the next great leap forward in the world of space exploration and commercialization. From private individuals such as Elon Musk and Jeff Bezos to governments around the world, there’s a growing desire to explore the cosmos. But that doesn’t just happen: It’ll take a lot of complicated work from smart people.

The job opportunities that emerge in this time won’t just be the only ones. Indeed, many will emerge; there will be a need for geologists, CAD designers, writers, public relationships experts, graphic designers, sociologists, and more. There are many such professionals around the world. However, there aren’t many of these professionals who have a background in or understanding of the space industry and how it works. 

Historically, the space industry was closed off to professionals who did not understand the space field. But that’s changing. For one thing, the blooming space economy needs these people.

The Nova Space courses hope to give existing professionals in other industries the chance to gain the foundational space education that’ll allow them to work within the industry. And that’s not something that will just benefit the professional; with a highly educated workforce, the space industry will benefit, too.