Swift Ways to Fund A Business in Need of Urgent Funds

By  //  May 3, 2022

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A healthy cash flow is an essential component for businesses. Having no cash means that crucial bills and other business expenses cannot be taken care of. However, very often, businesses and business owners get strapped for cash. Unfortunately, there are times obtaining the funds is tough, especially when there is an urgent need. During such situations, a business owner can wonder what to do. 

The good news is that several options and avenues can help business owners get funds swiftly and keep operations running again as they should? Below are some possible solutions.

Angel Investment

Upcoming startups can get business funds by seeking help from angel investors. Angel investors will usually have the surplus cash and the interest to invest in an upcoming business venture. In addition, they are willing to take on the investment risk of a promising company to see higher returns in the future. Sometimes they work in network groups that screen business proposals before taking up an investment. 

Angel investors also come with an additional advantage since they can mentor and advise business owners alongside providing them with the required capital.

Several websites can connect business owners with angel investors, or they can ask other entrepreneurs for connections.

Online Lenders

Online lenders are arguably the fastest way to get business funds, and there are various options business owners can reach out to. Online lenders will usually be lenient with credit rating considerations even though they still take a look at a borrower’s credit score. 

Instead, to determine one’s ability to pay back a loan, they look at other metrics like the business’s returns and growth potential. Because of how accommodating online lenders are, their loans come with significantly high interest rates and charges. Cash advance blursoft is an excellent option for entrepreneurs and business owners who need swift funds and have bad credit.

Traditional Lenders

Traditional lenders like banks can provide a business with the needed money. However, banks are very strict with their lending criteria, and they primarily work best for established businesses that have built a good relationship with them. 

Loans from traditional banks are some of the safest and simplest options. The good thing about borrowing from a bank is that the federal banking law protects businesses. 

Borrowers are usually required to have a good credit score and provide many documents. A bank that is aware of a business can be quick to give a personal business loan. Banks may, however, be reluctant to lend to startups and small businesses.

Those who want to get swift funds from a bank must meet all the requirements.


Microlenders can provide loans faster than traditional banks. They will usually be a better option if a business owner does not find bank terms appealing. They can give business owners money to cater to emergencies such as inventory needs, supplies, equipment purchases, and working capital.

Small businesses can get microloans quickly since microlenders are more flexible with their terms, and they take a more holistic approach when giving loans. However, business owners should be aware that microloans typically come at higher interest rates.

Friends and Family

Friends and family are sometimes the best way to get quick business funding for an emergency. Business owners must not ignore these viable options when looking for money. They can get a substantial financial boost to remain afloat. 

Friends and family can be more accommodating and flexible than other lenders because of fewer compliances and formalities. Even so, borrowing from friends and family should also be contractual and official if the goal is paying back. Therefore, borrowers must stick to the terms agreed upon to avoid unnecessary conflicts.

Business Credit Cards

Business owners with business credit cards can get quick funding, which is always a viable option. Unsecured revolving credit lines can help business owners separate their business and personal expenses. In addition, they can build their credit file while providing access to credit and cash. 

What is more, this funding option gives business owners more flexible payment options. Business credits are excellent options for new businesses without tons of expenses.

The primary thing to note with business credit card funding is that the costs and interest charges can also accumulate very fast. With that, debt carrying can become detrimental to someone’s credit.


Crowdfunding may be a relatively new funding option, but it can be a quick way to obtain cash for emergency business needs. Online platforms allow business owners to share their emergency necessities and ask for help from other people. 

With crowdfunding, business owners generally put their stories and highlight their business goals, needs, and reasons on a crowdfunding website. People then contribute cash for them by making pledges to pre-buy the product, or they may give donations as long as it is a worthy cause. 

Crowdfunding can be an opportunity to attract professional business investors fast, providing a business owner with swift funds. When business owners opt to fund their business through crowdfunding, they help market their business to generate interest. Additionally, it can also cut out brokers for ordinary business people.

Nevertheless, business owners must carefully plan and prepare to run an effective crowdfunding campaign. Usually, crowdfunding platforms are competitive, and business owners who choose that direction must have solid businesses and use ingenious ways to gain attention.

Selling Business Assets

Selling business assets may be a tough choice, but it can be something to consider. It can help business owners meet short-term financial requirements. After overcoming the financial crisis at hand, business owners can always buy back the asset(s). 

Final Thoughts

Business owners who need business funds urgently will typically consider borrowing. They can turn to several borrowing avenues and various lender options. However, the most critical question to ask before borrowing is how much financial help is needed and if it is necessary for helping the business. When seeking funding, the nature and type of business someone runs is also a factor to analyze.