The 100% Commission Real Estate Broker Model – A Brief Explanation

By  //  May 19, 2022

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These days, people are more concerned with their income to get a better and improved lifestyle. Many people choose their ways to do so. However, most people nowadays are trying to make a good amount out of their real estate transactions. This can be possible with the new 100% commission real estate broker model.

Finding the right Company

If you are struggling to choose the right 100% commission companies for you then you’re at the right place, as with Big block Realty, you can get the 100 commission real estate San Diego. It not only helps you with the commission structure but also hosts frequent training courses to help the agents with marketing and transaction support. Also, there are professional staff to solve your queries regarding the brokerage structures.

About 100% Commission Structure 

There are different commission structures, that work differently. Most of the traditional commission structures work in a split manner where the commission from each transaction is split and some amount is taken by the agent whereas again the brokerage will take a percentage of it.

However, in the 100% commission structure, whenever an agent gets joins a brokerage, he gets the 100% commission instead of the split commission. However, monthly fees and transaction fees are attached with each transaction. Before going for this model make sure whether it suits your business or not.

Real Estate companies with a 100% commission model

Nowadays there are numbers of companies you will get, who claim to have the 100% commission model but in reality, not every company gets the expected outcome. There are only a few companies who got the success. These companies convince their agents to invest in their own business, which makes their company more successful.

With this model, you will get many benefits like getting the opportunity of marketing and brand with different agencies. Also, you will get a better understanding, and knowledge of the management system. You will get the chance to use the latest technologies specially designed for real estate business purpose.

Comparison between 100% commission real estate broker model and traditional commission model

The major point What makes the great difference between these two is the split commission. In the traditional commission model, the commission gets equally divided between the agent and the broker. For example, out of a $50k commission, the broker will get 25k dollars whereas the agent will get 25k dollars, but in the 100% commission model, the agent gets all the commission, which means he will get 50k dollar. 

Even though the 100% commission allows the agents to have all the commission still they have to pay some sort of fees. Still, it is more profitable for agents as compared to the traditional Commission model.


The 100% Commission model gives agents more opportunity to make a good and decent amount, however, not every company and every business can provide the same facility. Hence, think carefully before getting enrolled in it whether it’s going to be profitable or not.