The Best Sexologist Debunks Sex Myths

By  //  May 3, 2022

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Sex is a normal, physical expression of social life that must be viewed as a pleasant aspect of everyday life. There is a lot of rumor as to what sex is and isn’t because of the access to the internet, pornography, and sexually immature brains.

Having a clue, on the other hand, is essential for a good sex life. Here are some of the most common sex misconceptions debunked by Dr. Shriyans Jain best sexologist in Ghaziabad.

Your initial experience will be painful and messy.

According to legend, when a woman has vaginal penetration intercourse for the very first time, their hymen will rupture, resulting in discomfort and blood.

But a sexologist doctor in Noida has confirmed that, because the hymen is relatively elastic, many women do not experience discomfort or blood when they have their first period.

As a result, the taboo associated with first-time intercourse must be lifted.

Masturbation is harmful to one’s health and should be avoided.

There have been many misunderstandings about masturbating over time. In the past, it was deemed forbidden and viewed as a psychiatric condition. Masturbation is now regarded as a natural, acceptable, and pleasant action done behind closed doors, thanks to a shift in public attitude. It is now widely recognized as a pleasurable and safe sport.

The sexual libido does not vary with time.

This is not true, as sex desire evolves throughout time. We may be eager someday and not the next, and the thought of a protracted sexual encounter may be the farthest thing from our minds. Medical prescriptions, world events, our age group, and mental stress may all influence our desire. It’s common to go through stages when things are going well and dry intervals where you sense as if you’re losing your connection.

You must have sex at least X amount a week.

This is a misconception; there is no such thing as a “correct” amount of time to have intercourse. In reality, comparing your love life to another person is detrimental. It doesn’t matter how much or what kind of sex you have; all that counts is that you both enjoy it says the best sexologist in Ghaziabad. 

Differences in incompatibility, on the other hand, are widespread. As well as a typical issue that leads to this is the quantity of sex. If your libido or drive is out of sync, it might lead to issues throughout time. 

There are no 100% effective contraceptive techniques.

A Sexologist Doctor in Noida has confirmed that this is true because there is always the possibility of a condom breaking or a woman failing to take the medication on schedule. The only surefire method is to have anal intercourse or do it during a menstrual period.

Period sex does not cause pregnancy.

Given the fact that sperm may live in the female reproductive system for up to five days, you may still get impregnated if you have unsafe intercourse during your menstruation, which is unusual. It’s indeed possible to become pregnant with the surviving sperm if you have intercourse at the end of your period and ovulate early in your cycle.