The Evolution of Atlanta Radio: DJ ICEBERG

By  //  May 16, 2022

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Atlanta radio began when the first station went live on the 15th of March 1922 to an audience of roughly a thousand listeners with homemade radios.

This station was WSB which stands for Welcome South, Brother. It was the radio station of the Atlanta Journal and broadcast a jazz version of the song, “Light Cavalry Overture”. WSB was the first to introduce many innovations in the radio space as they were the first station to have a slogan which was, “The Voice of the South”.

They were also the first radio station to have a nighttime broadcast with their 10:45 PM show. WSB also saw the educational impact of radio and introduced broadcasts from various universities and institutions of learning. They also placed radio receivers in public schools to further their pursuit of education. Another innovation which WSB introduced to radio was the creation of a name for their fans which they dubbed the “WSB Radiowls”. 

Many other radio stations would soon follow suit and the second radio station in the south would launch just two days after WSB set the stage. Atlanta radio evolved from the more informal radio of the early 1920s to the commercial radio stations which modern listeners are familiar with.

Radio stations in Atlanta have made several transitions in the type of content which they broadcast largely following the trends in the music industry.

This began with rock and progressed to pop and progressive rock, including alternative rock and then largely set its focus on hip hop. The mainstream appeal which hip-hop represents meant that much of Atlanta radio transitioned to hip-hop or pop music from the late 1990s to today. 

DJ ICEBERG and His Atlanta Sound 

Timothy Clarke known professionally as DJ Iceberg is an Atlanta DJ, music producer and personality in the music industry. Iceberg was Born in New York and later moved to Atlanta where he has spent much of his life.

He has been influenced by his New York upbringing and blends hip-hip from this area with southern rap to create a unique musical aesthetic which he brings to his audiences. Iceberg is a versatile DJ as he performs in a variety of mediums which include radio mix shows and night clubs.

His skill on the turntable allows him to maintain a consistently high level of energy with his crowds and he enjoys interacting with the crowd to generate rapport. He most enjoys performing at music festivals and in concerts because of his natural ability to work large crowds. 

Iceberg has been the DJ for major artists on their international tours which include Rich Homie Quan in the Bahamas and Future on his “Would You Like a Tour” Tour. He is also no stranger to being a DJ at major music festivals having worked at events such as the HOT 107.9 Birthday Bash, the SXSW official Juice DJ showcase and the A3C BET stage.

Through his work with HOT 107.9 (WHTA-FM) he has become a mainstay of Atlanta radio and a prominent radio personality. Iceberg actively participates in all of the HOT 107.9 events which include concerts and charity drives.

In addition to his regular mixshow, Iceberg is a DJ for Sirius XM’s on the Shade 45 show and a DJ for StreetizWatchin which is led by DJ Drama and Don Cannon. He is also involved with the interviews which these shows conduct on a weekly basis and has interviewed artists such as 2Chainz and Lil Wayne. 

On top of his daily role as a DJ, Iceberg has co-founded a personal entertainment and music website, He has also co-founded Mixtape Monopoly, which is a South-East coalition of DJs that is promoted to industry contacts which exceeds 35,000. He has also launched Monopoly Music Production Group, which is made up of himself and several producers from other countries. 

Final Thoughts 

Atlanta radio has come a long way since its first broadcast in 1922 and has evolved through many different musical styles and innovations in the radio industry. From jazz to rock to rap, Atlanta radio has maintained its uniqueness while also catering to the evolving musical tastes of the public.

DJ Iceberg is a prominent disk jockey in the Atlanta radio scene and his prominence is only continuing to increase over time. This is thanks to his skill in production as well as his natural ability to get audiences out of their seats.