The Importance of Forensic Animation for Scene Reconstruction in Legal Presentations

By  //  May 19, 2022

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Scene construction is a vital piece that is used in legal presentations, especially in cases related to criminal defense, personal injury, and civil rights. Determining a verdict in these cases can be a very daunting task. This is where the tool of forensic animation is used for demonstrating the evidence.

Understanding forensic animation

Forensic animation is the latest form of graphical technology that uses the concept of artificial intelligence for automatically generating forensic models. For example, in the case of an automobile accident and the pictures of the damage, the jurors working on your case can watch a complete re-creation of the accident as described by the witnesses, evidence, medical experts, and other testimony. 

This is done by 3D animation experts who have expertise in using advanced computer technology and software. The experienced team of forensic animators from the Mecanica Scientific Services has been working for thirty years on advanced data imaging. Their areas of expertise are forensic 3D Simulations and Animations, Highway Crash Reconstruction and Analysis, Event Data Recorder, Fleet Telematics, and Data Analysis with many other services.

Their experts are qualified in state, federal, criminal, and military courts for helping the jury with forensic animations and other medical illustrations. Their headquarters are in California and they operate in Arizona, Pacific Northwest, Sacramento, San Diego, and even Mexico. Visit their website and connect with them through the contact details provided.

Benefits of forensic animation in legal cases

Forensic animation is very useful in courtrooms as they are proven to be a major support for proving a case on trial successfully. The audience gets to know the exact detail of what happened. If you are involved in an accident, you can get the entire scene demonstrated visually for everyone to understand.

The jury will also have a better understanding of the case due to the visual information. It helps them to understand the case and evaluate your evidence in a better way.

A forensic animation team uses the 3D data to create the actual crime scene more accurately for the court to understand and have a clear picture of the crime scene.

How is forensic animation created?

This is a vital question as most people have an understanding that 3D animations are faked.  However, forensic animation is not so. They are created using real-world data instead of creating images based on computer graphics. 

The process of forensic animation is carried out very carefully keeping in mind minute details.

 A team of forensic animators travels to the accident scene.

They place an advanced 3D laser scanner on the accident scene.

The scanner spins rapidly collecting data of the surrounding objects that are accurate to the nearest millimeter

This allows the experts to build realistic models by creating a realistic 3D image of the accident 

These images can be used for investigating purposes of the crime scene.

Imagine recreating a crime scene and showing the jury and the court what exactly happened. By using forensic animation, you are not just telling the audience your side of the story, you are showing them. This makes forensic animation a more successful way to argue your case in court.