The Most Common Dishwasher Breakdowns: Quick List

By  //  May 17, 2022

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The dishwasher can fairly be called a miracle of engineering. It greatly facilitates household chores and even knows how to keep the peace in the family, helping to avoid quarrels about “whose turn is to wash the dishes.” Such appliances can and should serve for a long time, delighting with the cleanliness of plates and glasses.

Unfortunately, machine components have their own wear life. They can fail for other reasons as well. This article will look at common problems that may arise with the “dishwasher”.

1. Wrong water temperature

A huge amount of steam accompanies excessive heating of the liquid. In this case, as well as with insufficient water temperature, the sensor is to blame, or the heating element has deteriorated. It also means that the working thermostat should be checked with a multimeter, and if it is faulty, it must be replaced.

It happens like this: a set of wrenches is used to replace the device on your own. The lower spray and the garbage filter are disassembled. The equipment is turned upside down, the thermostat is released from the wires, then resistance measurements are checked. If it is faulty, you will need to install a new one.

The thermostat is necessary to maintain a constant temperature in the dishwasher. If the replacement procedure seems too complex, just visit the website or look for the appliance repair near me.

2. The dishwasher does not supply water

Before starting the process, the dishwasher probably makes a gurgling sound, similar to what occurs in a washing machine.

If it is not there and nothing indicates that water is entering the device, then this situation could have occurred as a result of the following reasons:

 water shutdown (scheduled or unscheduled);

the door of the machine is not closed properly;

the hose is kinked, or the supply valve is closed.

The above-listed reasons can be easily eliminated. Let’s look at the more serious ones:

blockage of the intake valve filter;

the door lock is broken ;

the water supply valve is faulty;

defective water level sensor.

The modern dishwasher is equipped with a software module: it may start to work incorrectly, then it will need to be flashed or completely replaced.

3. No water drain

Probably, the process of washing dishes looks ok, but in the end, the water does not drain. This could mean the following:

the drain pump has broken – in this case, there will be no noise;

large debris got into the pipe – you can recognize this if there is a sound of an electric motor when trying to drain the water;

the trash filter is clogged with food debris – it needs to be cleaned.

If the drain pump is damaged, it will need to be replaced, as it cannot be repaired. 

4. The machine does not turn on

First, you need to check the wires, sockets, and plugs for serviceability. You can plug other household appliances into the same outlet, if everything is ok, including the plug, then the following could have happened:

Network filter failure. The case can be damaged. The element should be completely changed and cannot be repaired;

Failure of the control module. A flashing or replacement of the module assembly is required;

The wiring inside the machine is damaged, which may be accompanied by a short circuit.

If the equipment suddenly stops during operation, this indicates a failure of the Aquastop sensor or a leak. Perhaps, it can be explained by the false operation of the float switch or failure of the main control unit.

5. The device is leaking

In this case, there is nothing to worry about. You need to pay attention to the following points:

Is the door lock working?

Is the door itself deformed?

Are the door seals ok?

In all cases, a simple replacement of elements that are deformed or worn is carried out.

If any of the above-mentioned breakdowns happened to you, it is best to contact professionals with experience in repairing various dishwasher models. For example, you can use this dishwasher repair service.

Otherwise, there is a risk of damage to other machine components. If you are confident in your repair skills, then you can always find spare parts on sale: thermostats, hoses, filters, and much more. Good luck!