What is the Purpose of Stair Nosing?

By  //  May 25, 2022

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Many homeowners often ask us what the purpose of stair nosing is and why they should spend money on it. The solution is straightforward. Just try walking up and down a stairway with a nosing and one without. Which one seems safest to walk on for you and your family? Have you noticed a distinction?

Why should invest money on stair nosing?

Stair nosing is employed at stairs for a variety of reasons, the most important of which being safety, although it is not the only one. However, before we get into the reasons why installing stair nosing is required, let us first define what it is.

Stair nosing is defined as:

As the name implies, the stair nosing is a safe technique to finish your wood or laminate flooring on your staircase by concealing the edges of the wood flooring where the two wood floors meet.

They are intended to blend in with your floor while still being safe. They feature a recess in the top, so the top edge of the nosing lips over the wood fitting to the tread is visible.

What does stair nosing serve?

1. Stair nosing makes your staircase more secure

Most stairs currently have stair nosing, and it’s impossible to walk on one without one, whether it’s in a home or a corporate office. Why? Because it gives you more room as you go up and down the stairwell.

In other words, it lengthens each stair somewhat so you may walk on it more easily. This instantly makes the staircase safer since it minimizes the number of fall incidents and keeps you from sliding as you travel up and down the steps, particularly if you are in a hurry.

It is also worth noting that stair nosing is required by law in many business buildings nowadays, otherwise the staircase will not comply with laws and regulations.

2. The stair nosing on your stairs ensures that they are safe to use

Installing stair nosing is recommended for a number of reasons, one of which is the fact that they protect the stair edge from being broken or otherwise damaged. When someone walks heavily on the edge of a wooden stair, this kind of thing often happens.

3. Stair nosing aids in the sight of wooden stair edges

According to several studies, many individuals are gravely hurt each year as a result of tumbling down the stairs or missing a step entirely. You may simply prevent this from happening to you or a member of your family by installing stair nosing in a different color. Their diverse colors will help you much in boosting the visibility of each stage. Installing brightly colored stair nosing in a dark wood staircase, for instance, can assure your safety while also making it easy to notice each step even when there is little light.

So, if you have stairs in your home or business, we strongly advise you to install stair nosing to avoid injuries or accidents caused by missing a step.