Where and How Can I Bet on Floyd Mayweather Fight?

By  //  May 11, 2022

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Floyd Mayweather jr. is one of those athletes that finds it almost impossible to stay out even in retirement. Against all odds, he’s recently commented against the critics of his proposed tussle in May. Everyone, including the non-boxing fans, anticipates this retirement comeback of the all-time boxing champion. Many have started betting on the odds across all platforms to get ahead of others.

Betting in boxing may not be as straightforward as others because of beginners’ rather confusing odds and terms. With the betting odds against these two seasonal fighters, you can learn how to maneuver your way around betting odds in boxing.

Here’s all you need to know about the exhibition bout, odds, both fighters, where and how to place your bets on or before the fight.

Highlights on the Fighters

Mayweather, the Michigan professional boxer and boxing legend, has everyone chit-chatting about his fight with Moore. The public can now stake on the Floyd Mayweather jr upcoming match on most 1 dollar deposit casino platforms for massive returns on their investment. Contrary to many beliefs, this opponent was once Mayweather’s sparring partner.

Do we hope that Moore finally gets to break his undefeated Money in the boxing ring at the al-Arab hotel?

In a recent interview, Mayweather responds to the critics against his comeback out of retirement. His opponent, Moore Don, has also been out of the scene for almost six years since he last fought in September 2016.

The odds against both fighters for this exhibition seem fair, making staking easy. Mayweather jr and Moore would compete on a helicopter landing pad at the Burj al Arab hotel, which contributes to the odds.

Betting against Floyd Mayweather jr odds might not be wise since the all-time sportsman holds a current 20 knockouts record. There’s been no news of round-by-round scoring in the eight-round combat between Mayweather and Moore.

An uncertainty this close to the event may affect the betting strategy & odds of some devoted boxing lovers. Since Mayweather’s clash with Conor McGregor in Las Vegas, his betting odds had spiked considerably enough to make this event worth your while.

Considering the draw odds ahead of the game would be fair since Floyd Mayweather jr had a no-winner draw with Logan Paul, the social media boxing star. We expect to get more thrilling events and betting opportunities coming May as the sensational UFC boxer Anderson Silva continues to boost his boxing career.

We’d get lots of excitement and betting odds from the athletic champion Badou Jack and Bruno Machado. Clearly, there are more betting odds to jump on ahead of the fights next month.

Chances of Winning

Mayweather and Moore’s history has been the latest discussion on whether the two fighters would get aggressive in the ring. Since Mayweather’s 50-0 mark in Las Vegas, Can the dangerous Moore meet up to the names like Tyson Fury in this clash against Floyd Mayweather jr? Perhaps Mayweather jr could reiterate his retirement after emerging the winner of this meet like Tyson Fury did after his victory with Dillian Whyte.

From what we’ve gathered so far, Floyd Mayweather odds have never intimidated any contender; let’s hope this big fighter comes in strong. Both super welterweight champions would have to finally decide who the best man is after a victory next month. The betting odds against both fighters seem fair and would enable the public to stake accordingly.

How to Bet on the Floyd Mayweather

Betting odds in boxing change a lot, making betting a lot harder here than in other sports. You can place your bet on Floyd on most betting sites online. These sites offer favorable odds to help you bet on your most-preferred fighter ahead of the date for the fight. The results from the last Mayweather set fixtures show why most people would predict him to be victorious in May. Your bet could be on one round for better odds and a chance to win.

Visit a reliable betting platform known for transparency on boxing betting odds to get started. Register or create an account with the betting platform. Make your initial deposit to get a free bonus to increase your chances of winning against the Floyd Mayweather odds.

Now check out the Moneyline odds on the different rounds from the fight. With betting on boxing, you do not have to settle for the odds on who wins alone. There are other odds to stake or fall back on when the competition goes south.

Some odds are categorized according to the time or points against both fighters. If you bet right, you necessarily do not have to worry about who wins or loses.

Mayweather Vs. Don Moore Predictions

Mayweather’s opponent, Don, claims to have the blueprint in hand to beat the world-renowned fighter. While many may not take this seriously, we are sure other martial arts professionals will. The Mayweather name might be quite popular in the world, but his one-time sparring partner might know enough about his fighting style to beat him, the odds are, indeed, tight.

Since they’ve sparred together at some point, Don surely has a thing or two off his sleeves to perhaps make this meet tough for Floyd.

As of Thursday, April 28, 2022, the odds and predictions for this clash go below;

 Mayweather Jr to win: 1/9

Moore to win: 7/1

Draw: 13/1

With a close range of odds between both fighters, we certainly expect to get entertained in Dubai or wherever you decide to watch. The bets across the globe would be centered around these odds to make it fair.


Mayweather and Moore are not strangers to one another. They share the hunger and thirst for victory with different success stories of starting from scratch. In less than three weeks, we’d have Fury spectators and online viewers worldwide viewing what would be a spectacular sports day.

The chances of Mayweather winning against Don might not be as clear as with previous contenders. As mentioned earlier, these odds don’t look easy for bettors. We can only predict that Mayweather gets tough before he wins this one.

The odds on both fighters seem fair, especially the draw odds. To play safe, many would bet on draw odds. There’s been lots of anticipation on the clash between these two. The odds seem right, and betting platforms have given access to bet on those odds.

Place your bet early enough, as most betting platforms offer better odds to bidders who place their stakes early.