Where Can I Open a Business Account?

By  //  May 2, 2022

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Nowadays, each business person has to open a business account to manage corporate expenses. With it, they can also start a merchant account to accept payments. Even if it can sometimes be not obligatory, it is still much easier to manage the finances via a separate business account. 

If you do not want to deal for this purpose with the traditional banking system and its bureaucracy, consider opening an online accountSuch a business account is profitable and convenient. The main thing in opening a business account this way lies in finding the reliable vendor of the service. Therefore, let us discuss what to pay attention to and how to make a proper choice. 

Open a business account: what company is better?   

Money must be kept securely together with your sensitive data and business information. That is the main task for each financial company that operates in Europe, in Denmark, or any other country. 

That means that the first thing to look for when you want to open a business account is security. Carefully study the protection that the provider utilizes, and do not hesitate to ask additional questions if there are any.

If the company that can open a business account for you is certified and guarantees a high-security level, discover what options, tools, and preferences it provides.

Transfer money and more

When you use an online account, there must be all the ordinary banking options available. For example, Genome Account provides SWIFT and SEPA transfers. Money can easily be exchanged, and you can make and receive payments and transfer money anytime.

Also, always check the additional costs and commissions, and think about how favorable they are.

Your account and currency

If you have a Genome Account, it is possible to create up to 15 IBANs at once. Money can be stored in EUR, GBP, or USD, but payments may be accepted in other currencies if you start a merchant account. This option is quite good for those companies who operate not only in Europe.

That is an example of what to look for when you open a business account. Consider the tools that you may need according to your business activity, and then make a choice.

Bonus system for your business account

Usually, an online account has something that is not often used by the traditional banking system. There are different kinds of referral and bonus programs. For example, while using the Genome Account, you can invite to the system your friend or colleague. If they join and open a business account, you will get your bonuses.

Support team

The good option in traditional banking is that you can come and talk to real people about any problems or other issues. Therefore, all online financial organizations do their best to provide round-the-clock-friendly support. 

That is a crucial point, especially for those who open a business account for the first time. You may have lots of questions about the operation of your online account, and there must be someone to answer them.

Open business account: how can I do it?  

In a nutshell, if you decide to open a business account, at first, you need to find a reliable financial organization to do this. After this initial step that really takes time, everything else will be effortless and comfortable.

The business account online is created following the scheme:

1. You need to visit the website and register on it.

2. Sign up and prove your identity with the necessary documents.

3. Provide the necessary data about your business.

That is all you need to do to open a business account. The decision is generally made within 72 hours, and then you can transfer money and do everything else you need.

When you open a business account this way, you can manage it anytime and from any place with a stable Internet connection. Usually, apart from the web browser version, there is a special app, which is also a modern, convenient way for online banking.

Money generally can be stored in such currencies as EUR or USD, which are utilized by a vast number of companies. Safety is guaranteed, and you can work properly without risks and fraud. Transfer money and do all other transactions swiftly and enjoy the world of modern online banking.