Your Picture-Perfect Moments – Transformed into Canvas Art

By  //  May 19, 2022

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We all have our cherished memories that we’d like to remember forever – and thanks to technological advances, it’s now easier than ever to capture all important moments and memorable events. But what should you do next with all those photos stored on your smartphone or in the cloud? Well, how about transforming your best shots into unique personalized wall decor?

New print formats such as canvas prints let you present your photos in an entirely new way – so let’s find out what makes canvas prints so special!

Why Canvas Prints?

Printing providers offer a range of wall decor formats that include not only canvas prints but also classic frames, poster prints and many more. So why should you choose canvas prints over more traditional formats? It is, of course, a matter of taste – but it’s also about the aesthetic feel you want to create.

Wall Art with a Character

Canvas prints can be described as modern versions of traditional oil paintings – unlike hand-painted artworks, canvas prints are digitally printed, but both wall decor formats retain the same creative flair and artistic vibe that come from frameless design and quaintly textured surface.

Canvas prints let you present photos taken with a cutting-edge 21st-century camera as if they were vintage masterpieces – and all this without losing a single pixel in your photo’s resolution. The unique character of canvas prints is defined by this combination of traditional design and contemporary technology that makes it possible for everyone to transform their personal photos into artworks.

Responsibly Made, Carefully Designed

These days, more and more people start asking questions about the environmental impact of products they buy. And if you’re looking for consciously produced wall decor, canvas prints are the perfect choice. 

They are essentially the paragon of environmentally friendly prints – the inner frames that support the print from the inside, are traditionally produced from timber, and the most reliable providers now use FSC-certified wood that comes from responsibly managed forests.

The photo reproduction itself can be printed with solvent or solvent-free inks, with the latter swiftly becoming the industry standard due to their superior environmental score. And while some other print formats – those that involve plastic in their composition – can’t be produced using eco-friendly materials, the design of canvas prints makes it much easier to decorate responsibly. 

Decorate with Canvas Prints in Home and Office

Some wall decor styles are better suited for the home than the office – but canvas prints are wonderfully versatile and can effortlessly integrate into just about any environment. Provided that you choose the right photo, canvas prints can create a relaxing, informal atmosphere at home – or invigorate the (home)office space with an extra boost of creativity.

Moreover, businesses can use canvas prints to showcase their products or create a thematic wall art display dedicated to their industry – think of landscape or cityscape photography for tourism companies or mouthwatering food photos for restaurants and cafes. And when it comes to wall art, the sky is the limit – whatever image you choose for canvas printing, it can become a perfect decor piece just for you.


Canvas prints are one of the best ways to showcase and preserve your images and celebrate those special occasions you’d like to share with everyone. Canvas prints are designed to last a lifetime even with a minimum of care – just keep your prints away from direct sunlight and extra humid environment, and you can expect your wall art to remain as good as new for up to 75 years.

Canvas prints make wonderful gifts for your loved ones or yourself – so if you dream about giving your home a wall makeover, the best time to start is now!