5 Things to do if You Get Into a Car Accident

By  //  June 10, 2022

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In the world today, over 2 million people get injured as a result of car accidents or are involved in a car accident yearly. This is roughly about 4000 injuries incurred per day. Most people take extra caution, adhere to all traffic rules and regulations, and carry out all basic maintenance for their car but still end up in an accident. This is one of the reasons why people purchase extended warranty for cars.

Truthfully, nobody believes that it will happen to them. It’s probably the last thing on your mind every day you leave your house. But coming back to reality, unexpected events do happen, no accident is ever planned. In the events on this, what happens when you get involved in a car accident? Are you aware of the steps you should follow if this unfortunate event happens to you? Here are five things you should do if ever involved in a car accident. 

Make sure you’re out of harm’s way

If you’ve been involved in a car accident, no matter the pain you may be in, try as much as possible to make sure you’re not in any more danger. For instance, if the accident occurred in the middle of the road, you should move away from the area to avoid another accident from happening as a result of other speeding vehicles that may not see you in time. However, you shouldn’t leave the scene of an accident, even if it was a very minor one.

Just make sure you’re not in any more danger. You should take extra measures to help incoming vehicles see your car in time by setting the danger sign close to the scene of the accident. If it is already night time, use a flashlight or set up flares. 

Take pictures of the scene of the accident

This is very important especially if there are serious damages incurred and in the case of hit and run. Use your phone or camera to take pictures of the damaged car as well as that of the other party. If you have incurred any injuries on your body you should snap them as well.

This will be required when you want to file a claim. You go further to take the other driver’s details; his name, home address, plate number, and type of insurance policy he has. 

Call the police

If you’ve been in a car accident, it is essential to call the police. An incident report will be created by the police officer that attends the scene. Ensuring you have a copy of this report is critical in case further investigations are required or in case you’ve suffered any serious injuries. Additionally, it gives you better leverage to file a claim, and some insurance companies may request it. Obtaining a copy of the police vehicle incident report is very important, regardless of the accident’s severity, and some states might require it by law.

File a claim

We cannot stress this enough, the earlier you file a claim after an accident has occurred the better for everyone. Many insurance companies have a strict rule or a limited amount of time needed to file a claim after an accident has happened. No matter the situation, you should always update your insurance policy on matters like this.

Especially if the statements are contradicting, at this point it’ll be better if you left everything in the hands of your insurance company and the police. However, you should contact your lawyer too in cases like this. With our extended car warranty, damage incurred on your vehicle is covered.

Seek medical attention

Your health matters just as much as your car. If you’ve been involved in a car accident you should seek medical attention for inspection of your wounds and make sure you have no underlining injuries like internal bleeding for example. 

At this junction, it is safe to say that everybody needs an extended car Warranty. You cannot file a claim without owning one. If this is you, take out time to explore our car warranty packages and fill a quick quote.