5 Unique Birthday Gifts for Dads

By  //  June 25, 2022

No gift can ever match your dad’s love and affection for you and your family. However, you can show your dad how much he means to you by getting him a unique and memorable gift for his birthday. The following are five unique birthday gifts for dads.

1.  Cigar Ashtray

A cigar ashtray is a functional gift for the dads that enjoy cigars. They can use it as an ash receptacle as they unwind with their favorite cigars. They can also use the tray to hold their precious cigars once they are done with them.

Most ashtrays have a stylish design, making them great decor pieces for the coffee table or office. They are also made of strong and heat-resistant materials that are durable and easy to clean. 

2. Cologne 

What dad doesn’t want to smell great when heading off to work in the morning? Cologne is a simple yet thoughtful gift for your dad. It allows him to smell great and be confident as he walks out of the door.

However, most men dislike purchasing a cologne for themselves. They also struggle to pick out which cologne to wear for different functions. You can take out the guessing work out of the equation by getting him a fragrance that allows him to express his personality.

3. Alcohol 

If your dad enjoys a drink or two, you can buy him something special from the liquor store. Depending on his preference, you can get him a pricey bottle of whiskey, vintage wine, or a limited-edition craft beer. 

You can also pair the gift with a high-quality beer mug, shot glass, or wine glass to improve their drinking experience. You can also add an inscribed wine bottle opener into the mix.

4. Bluetooth Speaker 

Dads enjoy good music like everyone else. Get your old man a portable Bluetooth speaker to listen to his favorite playlist when working in the garage or the backyard. 

When buying a speaker, get a waterproof one, in case your dad decides to carry it when going fishing. Also, buy one with top-notch audio quality and long battery life. 

5. Event Tickets

Most dads have too much stuff crammed in their garage or man caves. The last thing they want is to add more stuff to the pile. So instead of buying a physical gift that will end up in storage, why not get event tickets.

You can get tickets to a baseball game, football game, or any of his favorite sports. You can also get him a ticket to an art gallery, his favorite movie premiere, or a music concert. To make the gift more personalized, consider the type of activities he loves and get him a ticket for that.


Dads can be particularly hard to gift. Usually, they won’t give you a clue of what they want for their birthday, making it harder to find a great gift. However, that does not have to be the case. You can make your old man feel unique with the gift ideas in this article.