7 Powerful Techniques To Hack Human Communication

By  //  June 9, 2022

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Funchatt is a platform that enables people to make new acquaintances, have fun chatting and enjoy casual laughs. However, talking to new people online needs you to have some good communication skills. Otherwise, you won’t be able to connect with others, make genuine friends, and have a productive conversation. In this article we have compiled 7 powerful techniques that can help you hack human communication.

7 Powerful Techniques To Hack Human Communication:

1. Let Others Talk

Naturally, humans are social beings, this means they like to listen and be listened to. Having that in mind, it is important that in every chat or call, you learn to let the other party talk while you listen. This is a powerful communication tactic, because it makes the other party feel important. Avoid always being the talker, who doesn’t care much about what others say.

2. Don’t Judge

Accepting people the way they are is very important. If someone is talking about the thing they like for instance, learn to appreciate their choice and do not try to persuade them that your choice is in any way better than theirs. Don’t judge the way people talk, or what they wear, or what their passions are, because we are all unique and like to be respected no matter the choices we make and passions we have.

3. Accept That People Can Disagree With You

In normal day-to-day conversations people debate about different issues. Even though you may have strong points on any topic, it is good to be open-minded and understand that not everyone is going to agree with your ideas or opinions. Therefore when someone speaks contrary to what you believe in, it is important to keep calm and try to understand their point.

4. Ask Open Questions

For you to get a clear response during a conversation, try to ask well-framed questions that are easy to understand. Open questions like “What do you think about it…? What’s your experience with this situation…?” are easy to understand and helpful to draw anyone to a deeper conversation about the topic. 

5. Show That You Are Listening

Use non-verbal cues and gestures like nodding to convince the other party that you are actually listening to them, and that your mind is not wandering elsewhere as they speak to you. People want to feel important, so showing that you care about what they are saying is an essential communication hack you can use.

6. Be Polite

No matter how heated a debate may be, always remember to respond politely. Some people are not patient and hot-tempered, but being polite and respectful can help cool things down. Also when you ask questions, do that without sounding commanding. Always use a polite tone as this will make the other person comfortable while talking to you.

7. Talk at a Slower Pace

You need people to hear you clearly while talking. To do this, speak slow enough for listeners to understand what you are saying and capture your ideas. Not everyone can get fast speakers well, so it is always important to speak in a way you can be easily understood.


Having a productive conversation is very important for an easy and fulfilling life. Use the above hacks to improve and practice your communications skills on Funchatt with new acquaintances.