A Short Eftrades.com Review: What to Trade and Special Features

By  //  June 16, 2022

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Here is a comprehensive and up-to-date review to find out how eftrades.com, one of the world’s most popular and well-respected online trading brokers, works.

To begin our review, we start precisely with a summary that best summarizes all company’s distinctive elements: 

■ downloadable Metatrader platform;

■ wide range of cryptocurrency markets, stocks, Forex pairs; 

■ availability of 5 well-though accounts types for any kind of trader;

■ excellent customer support.

The purpose of this review is precisely to analyze eftrades.com in all its aspects and features to understand if really this trading broker could be right for you. 

Security and transactions of eftrades.com

We have no kind of fear of being proven wrong by stating that eftrades.com is not a scam and that it is one of the safest brokers in the world. Eftrades is a broker of sure and certain reliability, perfectly legal and that follows to the letter all the international regulations provided precisely by the regulatory political authorities. It has obtained its operating license from the Comoros Union Regulator that guarantees about compliance with financial regulations and allows companies in its possession to operate throughout the world.

To trade with eftrades.com, in most countries where the broker offers the service, there is possibility to deposit and withdraw with several banking methods. This aspect makes it very accessible to users of all levels. is part of the VISA transactions circuit and therefore appears among the accepted deposit methods. This is also a positive point for a review on Eftrades.

Assets to trade on eftrades.com

One of eftrades.com greatest advantages is its wide variety of tokenized assets. It features about 2,000 financial assets, including about a thousand stocks (many from the U.S. stock market). As a Forex broker it offers as many as 70 currency pairs with which to trade. The list includes all major currency exchanges and many secondary ones. Currency pairs can be viewed in the column on the left side of the platform, under the heading “Forex.” 

To trade, simply click on the desired Forex pair so that the specific instruments in that category are displayed in the box on the right. Clicking on Sell or Buy relative to a specific instrument will open the order window. In the order window, all order parameters can be set including value, stop potential loss, take profit, trailing-stop (operational stop), pre-order. Basically, at eftrades.com the spread applied to EUR/USD is dynamic (i.e., it significant changes according to market conditions). Right now, for example, it is 0.8 pips.

Many of the new rules expand previous cryptocurrencies restrictions targeted at cryptocurrencies and close loopholes that had allowed some financial and payments companies to continue in this trade. Because the markets are unpredictable, some considering the circumstances coin trading to be a type of damage resulting.

Also, CFDs are complex risky assets, which is why, due to the levers, they include a high risks to lose capital for investors. But once you inform yourself well in eftrades.com One on One Academy, get support from your manager, you will be able to trade risk free and earn profit. 

Eftrades.com Customer Service review

Eftrades.com customer service starts with the website itself. The broker has a well-done site that is graphically simple but very straightforward. The site displays information in a simple and detailed way. There are all the elements related to the types of accounts that can be used, the standard of care, and there is no shortage of clear tables outlining their offerings for each individual tradable financial instrument, with related spreads, commissions, swaps, and everything you need to know about trading on a specific basis. 

The second component of eftrades.com ‘s customer service is the FAQ or frequently asked questions. The third aspect of customer service is a chat. The chat is a very useful tool for a quick first touch, built to answer quick business and also technical questions.

   The fourth and final part is that when you open a real account, the account manager is assigned to you and is your point of contact as a trader. He follows you for the most mundane questions (how to deposit or withdraw money) but also for more complex ones (technical problems with the exchange platform and more operational information). An important feature to note is the high degree of helpfulness and competence of the staff. All this makes eftrades.com’s customer service one of the best in the market.


Eftrades.com is not a scam broker and confirming this are the platform’s hundreds of thousands of users. It is a reliable trading broker equipped with valid licenses to offer its services in the countries from all parts of the world. Eftrades.com has become known for its beautiful platform, which is very clear, intuitive, and easy to use. It is a trusted brand that provides a wide selection of tradable securities, excellent customer service, competitive research, and a unique proprietary trading exchange platform Metatrader with innovative features.