Choosing the Perfect Water Sprinkler-Why and How?

By  //  June 25, 2022

The best part about having a backyard or a garden attached to the home is the luxury of spending time in the open air whenever desired. However, just like the two sides of a coin, the cons of having gardens and yards are that they need constant watering to maintain them in good shape.

Watering the lawns manually using a traditional hose can be tedious, especially if you do it in the hot summer heat. But, modern sprinklers can make this job much more manageable.

There are several types of sprinklers available in the market today, the most common primary two types being – “in-ground” and “above ground” systems. Usually, attached at the garden hose end, above ground, the sprayer is the easiest to install. Installation of this sprayer does not require any holes to be dug up nor complicate the house’s pipeline. Having a simple design, it is uncomplicated and ergonomic; with a platform and nozzle, water pops out of small holes.

In comparison to their above-ground versions, under-the-ground sprinklers are rather complicated units. Though they do carry a few advantages with them, the primary being the fact that they are more discreet. Whenever they are not in use, they remain concealed under the ground. They also come with various heads and nozzles, but digging the soil each time they need fixing is tedious.

■ Advantages and disadvantages of underground sprinklers

Like all other products, the above-ground sprayer also comes with pros and cons that one must critically ponder before investing.

■ They are constantly exposed

As these sprinklers lie above the ground at all times, the user finds it easy to customize them according to their needs. You can move around the exposed watering system without any difficulty. Attaching a new nozzle or a different kind of spray is also very easy. It stands out as an advantage when compared to in-ground units.

Although some aesthetic versions are available now, typical above-the-ground sprinklers remain visible and may often feel out of place in an otherwise tidy setup. However, at the same time, this exposed feature also sometimes acts as a drawback. Since the hose is always lying in the middle of the yard, making the lawn a little less perfect. It remains messy and far from appealing to the eyes. 

■ Easily movable

Since you can quickly move around over-the-ground water sprinklers, the operator chooses what to water and how much. The user must select which garden parts to water without much effort. In-ground units remain fixed in one place and are almost immovable; it is easy to change the location of an above-ground sprayer within minutes.

But these over-the-ground watering systems are not easy to automate. Generally, under-the-ground versions offer control panels and customizable timers that make the whole process of watering just a matter of pressing a couple of buttons. Since upraised sprinklers do not offer customization to such an extent, there’s a chance of under watering or over-watering the garden. It might happen due to even slight carelessness.

■ Affordability

One significant advantage to consider while weighing the reasons to choose a sprinkler is that above-ground sprinklers are affordable. It is relatively inexpensive to purchase an over-the-ground water sprinkler, and even repairing it costs less. When a broken sprinkler needs fixing, one may easily replace it with minimal effort and expenses. 

The Homey Spaces best above ground sprinklers are elementary to install with the following few steps:

1. The on/off dial of the sprayer is the fixture. The water hose is connected here. It is necessary to test the faucet’s water pressure to ensure enough power is required to supply the irrigation system.

2. Large gardens or yards need to get divided into watering zones. Water zones ensure that each unit receives a given quantity of water at a given time. It is especially needed when one part has multiple crops or flowers with different watering requirements. Multiport outlets help to set up these watering zones.

3. The installation of a timer makes the watering process automated to a certain extent, which is vital in the case of individual watering zones or if one is forgetful about watering the lawns. Water timers get installed on outlets for customized water spraying of specific watering zones. Although timers are optional, most people choose to install timers for above-ground sprayers.

4. Typically, a poly pipe or a garden hose is needed to carry water to the sprinkler from the fixture. If only one sprinkler gets installed using a downstream outlet, the outlet must always stay capped.

5. Some types of over-the-ground sprinklers are customizable to a certain extent. One may select the direction of water spray, the distance of water throw, and the arc length. For instance, oscillating sprinklers provide a knob to control the arc. On the other hand, fixed models enable the user to adjust the distance of the water throw. 

Impact sprinklers use a wire clamp to change the base of the sprinkler head.

Mostly, in-ground watering systems may get adapted to work as above-ground sprinklers. However, various exclusively designed above-ground versions are also available in the market. It is relatively easy to build an above-ground sprinkling system by oneself. Only a sprinkler head and a garden hose are needed. When Installing an above-ground sprinkler as a DIY task, the only cost incurred will be the price paid for the sprinkler and the timer, assuming that one already has a garden hose and remembers to read the manual carefully. 

In conclusion, having an automated system to water the lawn is essential as it is easy to be forgetful in a busy day-to-day schedule. Installing an above-ground water sprinkling system makes it easy to get things done without worrying about the flowers getting watered too much or too little. It may also provide the solution to watering a garden with multiple plants of different watering requirements. 

■ How to simplify garden maintenance?

Maintenance of the garden and lawn is time-consuming and tedious; thus, you need professionals to work at it. Only possessing a sprinkler system is not the end of the game. It may be hard to install these and start operating them. Luckily, various professionals can take the risk on your behalf and help you set up the background sprinkler system. But wait for a minute. Do you know what the above-ground sprinkler systems are? 

These modern sprinklers can help you in your irrigation and farming process. Along with this, they help maintain the lawn and garden and thus increase the property value. Hence, it is worthwhile for every homeowner to understand these systems if they are serious about the property’s overall maintenance and aesthetic appeal.  

■ The intricate details of above-ground sprinkler systems

Above-ground sprinkler systems are systems with every functional component located above the ground and are less invasive and less costly than the underground system. It allows you to rearrange the system whenever you feel like it. 

■ How will you select your above-ground sprinkler system? 

There are a few factors determining your choice. There are a few areas to look into while selecting the sprinkler system. These are listed below: 

■ Purpose of the system: First and foremost, you must understand the purpose of the sprinkler system. Whether you want it to water the entire lawn, irrigate the backyard, or focus on a meager area, these are significant areas over which your selection will depend.  

■ Yard shape and size: The shape and size of the yard or the specific region within it that you desire to cover impacts your selection of sprinkler system. Both the type and process of operation are vital areas to explore. 

■ Price: You may get stationary sprinklers available in the market at a low price. However, advanced systems can also help you with additional features but cost high. The ultimate decision is yours, whether you want to go for the general or the advanced option.  

■ Special settings: Timers, adjustable patterns, clock free nozzle are some additional settings of advanced sprinkler systems. Some sprinklers help you manage the above-ground system efficiently and make your work less time-consuming.

■ Sprinkler type: Based on your requirement, you may use one or several sprinkler systems to reach the desired coverage region. Also, you have to decide on the number of sprinklers because that also affects the budget. Remember that you can go outside your budget but try to get additional features within the amount you intend to spend. 

You must consider the different aspects and additional features when purchasing sprinkler systems. You can go for oscillating and pulsating sprinklers if you want great coverage. These are modern variants available in the market to cater to your requirement. You only need to explore and compare the rates and features. 

 Do not spend mindlessly; instead, get a sprinkler loaded with features. It will make lawn maintenance easy for you. Weekends can be fun for you with a sound sprinkler system. It is a worthy investment because, in the end, you get luscious lawns.