Digital, Physical and Social – Raising Your Businesses’ Local Visibility

By  //  June 1, 2022

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Americans are getting back to work and building new businesses to support the economic recovery – and Florida is leading the charge. According to the Sun Sentinel, Florida, and the South in particular, led the entire country in newly formed businesses by the time 2021 came to its close.

With new business comes significant new competition, however. The way to rise above the competition and continue growing is through a blended local marketing approach that encompasses digital, physical and social principles.

The fundamentals – digital marketing

Digital marketing should be where you focus the majority of your efforts. It’s the location of the biggest spend nationally, and defines businesses in the new remote working age. The basics are well-known by now – ensure your name, address, phone (NAP) data is up-to-date, and that all of the digital platforms you use have unified information.

One emerging trend being focused on by local SEO company experts is sustainability; according to Search Engine Journal, the set of tools that Google uses to promote local search now take into account, and promote, business sustainability. Showing your efforts to benefit sustainability through your digital content will help to promote you locally.

Physical marketing

With digital marketing costs rising, and the customer relationship very highly valued, many digital retailers have taken the unprecedented step of opening up physical spaces, according to the New York Times. Most local businesses and services already have this benefit going for them – they have existing spaces to work with. What needs to happen now is optimization. Do you have a cogent branding and business livery scheme? Is your store and what it offers clearly identifiable? Ensuring that it’s easy to identify and talk about your business is crucial.

Social marketing

The reason it’s so crucial to have a clear message is social marketing – both word of mouth and via social media. While the latter dovetails with digital marketing to a certain extent, the former is very old-school – and yet very important. South Florida boasts many tight-knit communities that rely on one another; having that positive community message will help you to rise above competition. Value local connections and actively work on building them.

Combining these three factors will help you to construct a strong, progressive and flexible local marketing strategy. It’s quite simple in its framework, but requires dedication to properly apply. However, with that dedication will come real, tangible results.