How Does an Email Checker Work?

By  //  June 6, 2022

Running a successful email marketing strategy is not always easy. While you will be able to find the addresses of your current and future customers, mistakes are a part of the process. With that, you may be running your campaign on emails that do not work. 

Luckily, the technology advanced to the point where we have tools for any problem we might face. In this case, to prevent working with invalid addresses, we can simply use the email checker. Before you consider using a program like this one, it is important to fully understand the email checking process. 

What is an email checker 

This is an online tool that lets you manually check a single address or go through a whole list of addresses to check their validity, functionality, and existence. In addition, it tells you whether the address is connected to a site. 

This helps you in determining spam and addresses you cannot work with anymore. In addition, if a person has changed their workplace, and their email is no longer active, you will immediately know. All you need is an internet signal. 

In addition, you can use private networks through various servers to avoid doing the checkups from your IP address. Lastly, the checker does not have to be open, it is a plugin and it works in the background. The tool is constantly updated making it reliable and effective.

How do they work 

After giving a basic explanation of what an email checker is, we have to explain the process of how the addresses are checked and verified. 

The first part of the process is checking the structure of the addresses. There can be mistakes in the spelling, as well as removing spaces or wrongfully added points, commas, and other symbols. 

Next, the checker ensures that the domain of the address is correct and working properly. Sometimes, old addresses are no longer hosted by the said domain, so you will be doing your marketing campaign in vain. 

The last part of the process is the most complicated but the most interesting as well. The checker is doing a pinging method where it sends a specific message to the said address. If there is a response message from the server, it means that the address is active. 

Some email checkers have additional features that let you learn more metrics. This is surely helpful in running a great campaign. Be sure to research your options, and only then determine which checker you are going to be using. 

Why should you perform email checks 

The main reason to perform address validity checks is to determine whether they are currently used so the person can be reached. Sometimes we change our inbox providers and create new accounts. While our old account is still existing, we are not using it, so if a company sends us a mail, we won’t read it. 

This makes the marketing campaign ineffective, and it only a loss of resources. For that reason, running occasional verifications with our email checker is surely essential. Just be sure to select the service that works best for your situation, and see the effects immediately.