How to Sell a House by Owner in 2022?

By  //  June 21, 2022

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What should you start with when you decide to sell your home, such as relocating or disposing of unnecessary real estate? Let me tell you, selling a home is not an opportunity. Isn’t it full of uncertainties such as how much it will sell and where to ask?

Therefore, I will explain the flow and precautions for selling a house, from the assessment of the house, the selection method of the real estate company, the contract, the settlement, and the delivery—a guide to the success of unsuccessful sales.

Homes listed on the Flat Fee MLS sell 17 percent faster and for a higher price. That isn’t to say you should engage a listing agent or pay the higher commission. To persuade potential purchasers, write interesting listing descriptions. List your home for sale by owner websites and offer a low buyer agent commission. That will put you in a solid position to earn top dollar for your home.

Know how to market the price of a house

Still figuring out “How to sell a house by owner?”

When you decide to sell a home, you first want to know its price. Real estate that is not mass-produced is a “one-of-a-kind” product. Even if one land is in the same area, various factors influence the price, such as its shape, road conditions, and direction. However, it is easy to know the approximate price through multiple materials and statistics.

In the case of a single-family home, the price of the land is still important. A Ministry of Land, Infrastructure, Transport and Tourism system can know the buying and selling cases of land prices.

The price of a property depends on the number of years since it was built. The evaluation will be 0 yen in about 20 to 25 years. If the building is new, it may be evaluated by adding it to the land cost according to the age.

In this way, in the case of a second-hand single-family house, the building price was only added to the land cost when the building was young, but in recent years, inspections (building condition surveys) have been used for buying and selling a house. There is a growing movement to reflect the quality of the house in the price.

Real estate ads are also a source of information for selling homes

The internet is full of real estate advertisements. Information on real estate for sale, including portal sites, can be easily found. For single-family homes, refer to land in the same area and similar area.

In reality, the land price does not have the same price because factors such as the type and width of the road that connects to the road and whether it is shaped or irregular land are reflected in the land price.

However, if you take a closer look at the property overview in the advertisement, it will be a source of comparison.

In the case of condominiums, condominiums in the vicinity and rooms in the same building may be sold, which is excellent reference material.

Ask multiple real estate companies to give you an appraisal price for your home.

After getting a rough idea of ​​the market, let the real estate company assess how much you can sell. There are two types of “assessment”: “simple assessment,” which gives an approximate amount of money using only basic information, and “visit assessment,” which determines the actual amount to be sold.

It is convenient to use the collective assessment site for simple assessments. Simply enter simple basic information online, and multiple companies will offer you the assessed prices. 

From the real estate companies offered, ask a few companies that you can trust to make a visit assessment and ask them to give you a more detailed assessment price.

The important thing in an assessment is not to ask only one company, but to ask multiple real estate companies, compare the prices offered, and use it as a material for selecting the real estate company to sell.

How to get a home assessed and how to prepare

Be sure to ask multiple real estate companies for assessment. Selling through a Realtor increases your property’s exposure by listing it on the flat fee MLS and other real estate websites.

When selling a house, it is a good rule to ask multiple real estate companies for the assessment. Of course, you can use the calculated valuation amount as a reference when choosing a real estate company, but each real estate company has its characteristics.

A strong company in single-family homes, a strong company in condominiums, and the most significant point is that it is a strong company in the area where the house you want to sell is located.

Knowing the area well and the appeal points is an immense power of sales. Also, some real estate companies may have a list of customers looking for a home in the area and may be able to sell it quickly.

You can compare the assessed amounts in this way. Still, it also makes sense to request assessments from multiple real estate companies to select a real estate company specializing in the area and property type of the house you want to sell.

How long does it take to sell a home?

How long does it take to receive the payment and complete the delivery after deciding to sell the house? The following shows the standard passage of time, but the point is the sales period until the buyer appears. Remember that a buyer can take months to half a year or more to appear, depending on pricing and conditions.

From assessment to intermediary contract 

Request an assessment from a real estate company and conclude an intermediary contract after considering the conditions, such as the presented assessment price.

Sales period

A real estate company finds a buyer through advertisements. When a person who wants to purchase appears, we will look at it. Depending on the selling price and seasonal factors, it may take longer than expected. From sales contract to delivery, it takes about one month to examine and process the buyer’s mortgage. If you wish to move to a new house, you can negotiate with the buyer and postpone the delivery.

What are the advantages and disadvantages of selling a house?

Benefits of selling a home

If you are selling a house, big cash will temporarily make money. It can also be used as a fund for relocation.

However, it is necessary to calculate how much cash you will actually have and think systematically, considering the transfer income tax and other expenses required to sell the house. You can always look forward to Houzeo when thinking of selling your house, also you can check out Houzeo reviews to know more about them.

Eliminate the cost of maintaining a home

As long as you continue to own a detached house with land or an apartment, you will have to bear the property tax and maintain and manage the equipment. It can be said that it is a merit that the burden is eliminated by selling.

Loan repayment runs out

If you are repaying your mortgage, you can make a lump sum repayment with the amount you earned from the sale, and you will be free from any further debt.

Disadvantages of selling a home

Homeowners selling their property usually opt for Flat Fee MLS and FSBO companies. But, many of them are notorious for their hidden fees. Commission fees charged by them can be in the thousands.

Cannot provide collateral

If you own real estate, you could provide collateral for various purposes, such as business funds, but if you sell it, you will not be able to do that.