How to Use Gas Station Ads to Your Advantage

By  //  June 22, 2022

If there’s one thing Americans can’t live without, it’s cars. We’re a car country, baby! We’re driven by a need to move around; there’s nothing like the comfort and convenience of doing that in your car. But, of course, you can’t drive a car without first fueling up. 

Yes, today’s gas prices are ridiculous, but as long as there are drivers with a place to be, gas station pit stops aren’t going anywhere. That’s where gas station advertising comes into the picture, long-gone are the days when gas station attendants fuled your car for you. Today, it’s a do-it-yourself job, which means that for the two minutes you’re at the pump – that’s the average time it takes to fuel up – you are the prime audience for gas station advertising. 

You’ve probably never thought about it before, right? With so many traditional and digital advertising means, gas station advertising can easily get lost in the fold. For example, advertisements showing a “Buy One, Get One Free” deal or “Get 3 for the Price of One”. These are great for enticing you to make a snack or beverage purchase. But what if your particular brand or service goes beyond the snack and beverage industry? Is there a place for you in gas station advertising?

What is Gas Station Advertising? 

There’s nothing complicated about gas station advertising. It refers to any ad-media placed in or around a gas station pump. Think about your own gas station experience. Maybe you’re logging miles going cross-country on that long-ago planned road trip.

No matter what, the trip to the gas station requires you to turn off your engine, leave your phone inside the car, and focus primarily on the act of fueling. This experience can last anywhere from two minutes and above, meaning that in that time and space, your mind and eyes are open to whatever happens to be in front of it, ie: a strategically placed ad. No other ad medium guarantees prime viewership. 

Topper and Nozzle Ads

Today, gas station advertising comes in traditional and digital formats and can vary depending on individual locations. However, the most common types of ads are topper or nozzle ads. These are the mini billboards you see surrounding the gas pump kiosks or small-sized ads conveniently placed on the gas nozzle you can’t help but notice. 

A quick but effective graphic and messaging is recommended for all types of ads. Sure, drivers may have their social media guards down while fueling, but it doesn’t guarantee that just any ad will grab their attention. Ensuring topper and nozzle ads are captivating, funny, or engaging to look at will add to their appeal. 

Think of these ads as a first-time grab to build your brand awareness. Or as an enticing offer to try a new product or service. 

Video Content Ads

Certain gas stations come equipped with the capacity to broadcast video content ads. These ads are displayed on the fuel pump kiosk and can feature ads lasting thirty seconds and above. Some ads can also be configured to speak to the individual at the pump with phrases such as, “Hey, you!,” incorporated into your ad copy.

Engaging your future consumer in conversation with your brand or products is perhaps the biggest advantage video content ads provide. Not only are individuals disengaged from social media or their phones, but now you’ve also directed their focus to learn about your brand or product. 

If your specific product is conveniently located inside the gas station, then the outcome of a sale increases. Instant gratification and convenience are the names of the game, and if planned accordingly, gas station advertising can provide a great acceleration – pun intended – to any sales or lead goals. 

How Much Does Gas Station Advertising Cost? 

Costs for gas station advertising can vary greatly depending on location, ad type, and length of the promotion. Generally, average prices can range from the low hundreds to five digits. Remember that cross-country advertising tends to be more costly, whereas localized targeting is generally more affordable. This means that regardless of the size and scope of your brand or product, the cost of gas station advertising can be configured to meet the needs of an average marketing budget.  

The Advantage of Gas Station Advertising

Long before digital marketing made multi-platform marketing a reality, the idea and practice also existed via traditional means. Gas station advertising lends itself to this practice by making it possible to have a narrow or broader marketing scope. By itself, gas station advertising is guaranteed to cross paths with thousands of drivers and pedestrians year-round.

However, when paired with other marketing efforts, such as billboard or stadium advertising, the impact duration can be extended for larger audience engagement. To be fair, this would also drive up your marketing costs. Still, as an example, it offers a mere glimpse at the strategic use and execution gas station advertising can add to any current or planned marketing effort. 


Hopefully, this short drive down Advertising Lane has given you a breezy glimpse at the benefits and advantages of gas station advertising. Like any marketing effort, it may not be suitable for every brand or product, but if yours is, it’s worthwhile to consider it part of your overall marketing strategy.