I – Wig Veteran – for Wearing a Wig Some Summary and Advice

By  //  June 19, 2022

I’m a wig lover, and I’m 36 years old. I have been inevitably exposed to wigs since I was a child; my mother’s sister has always had the habit of wearing wigs. She shone at every party of our extended family, thanks to her wigs. But my mom is not too fond of wigs; she admires nature and often promotes her ideas with me. I agreed with my mom, but what can I say? People have rebellious hearts.

After graduating from college and leaving my mom to live alone, I started trying to dress my hair. At first, I just tried using bundles, tying them directly into my ponytail to add volume to it. It was straightforward and worked well.

Then I slowly tried mechanical wigs, lace wigs (13*6 lace wigs, 13*4 lace wigs, 5*5 lace wigs, 360 lace wigs, full lace wigs, t part lace wigs), U part wigs, V-part wigs, headband wigs, etc. I also tried hair extensions. I also experimented with hair extension products, such as Bitu I TIP, micro link, TAP IN, etc. I have had considerable experience with wigs. I will give some of my tips below. It’s just that my own ideas may not meet everyone’s needs.

Do not ask me why I like to wear a wig; ask me how to choose a wig.

Let’s start with how to choose a wig for newbies.

My recommendation is the simpler, the better; the mechanism wig and headband wig is the best choice; they are cheap and easy to install and do not require tedious installation experience. Installing a wig is tricky for a novice to do alone, but with a mechanism wig and headband wig, you just put it on.

How to choose your hairstyle?

Straight, curly, wave, coily, which one should I choose? I recommend the big wave; this curl has style and is easy to manage.

How do I choose between natural hair and synthetic hair?

Human hair! Don’t try synthetic hair; it is pretty hard to take care of and will ruin your mood; it’s not worth the investment.

How to choose the color?

Black, brown, blonde, red, etc. Which color should I choose? I advise that black is OK for everyday use; brown is also good if you want to show a little enthusiasm. But in addition to black other colors need to pay attention to match; for example, choosing a 99j color wig with a burgundy dress will certainly make you shine at the reception.

Where to buy it?

Online shopping is very convenient, and the prices are meager. Amazon, AliExpress, Walmart, eBay… I don’t recommend any of these. These big platforms are very competitive in price, and low price often brings low quality, and I have bought on them several times, and the experience is not very good. My favorite place to buy is at Ygwigs, my wig closet. A little tip, you can ask their customer service for an extra discount.

I am a veteran any advice?

If you’re all veterans, what I said earlier is bullshit. But I do have a little sweetener for you; go for a custom wig of your choice.

To conclude

I think wigs are a necessity of life. If I’m hungry for 1 day and you give me a choice between bread and a wig, I’ll choose the wig. Of course, if I’m hungry for 3 days, I’ll still choose bread. Haha, just kidding.