Persuasive Essay Writing Guide Backed Up by Professional Writers

By  //  June 22, 2022

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Basic characteristics of an essay

Essay writing is an essential requirement of international educational programs, universities, and colleges abroad. Since most educational institutions do not have entrance exams, the only opportunity to introduce yourself, tell about yourself, and all the advantages are in a motivational essay.

An essay is a discussion. It is a kind of essay in which the author demonstrates his view of the problem, describes his attitude, and gives arguments. The volume and content of the essay depending on the specialization and personality of the author of the discipline. For specialists in technical sciences, the works are usually smaller, and for the humanities – a little more.

According to some sources, a persuasive and argumentative essay are synonymous because, in both cases, the author needs to convince the reader, which is impossible without arguments. However, their difference depends on the author’s goal. Such essays are characterized by logical expressiveness of reasoning and clearly expressed authorial thinking orientation on a specific subject of coverage and research. On the other hand, the persuasive essay’s main purpose is to convince the reader, regardless of the number and quality of arguments in their point of view. So, how to write a valuable persuasive essay?

The guide on how to write the persuasive essay

So, the process of writing an essay can be divided into several stages: thinking – planning – writing – checking – correcting. There is the following guide:

 think about the topic, comprehend the problem and write a plan (simple and detailed); 

arrange the text logically;

clearly express causal relationships;

use examples, and explanations; 

describe a chain of thoughts; 

demonstrate the ability to use various grammatical means and choose words; 

justify your own opinion; 

select the output type; 

arrange the work correctly; 

check your writing carefully and make adjustments if necessary.

Common recommendations from professionals

To quickly and efficiently write a persuasive essay, we have prepared some recommendations from professional writers. Following them, you can not only learn to write well but also understand how to handle the text:

The author’s opinion should be disclosed in the content of the essay. It is necessary to articulate the ideas that are expressed clearly. Otherwise, it is difficult to convey these ideas and argue the selected theses and their beliefs and opinions to others. Thoughts, feelings, views, and ideas can be expressed in analogies, associations, assumptions, reasoning, judgments, arguments, evidence, and so on.

A well-proven way to build an essay is to use subheadings to indicate the critical points of the argument in the main part. The set of subheadings helps to see what the student proposes to do. Effective use of subheadings is not only the definition of the main points that the student wants to highlight; it is also the presence of logic in the coverage of the essay.

To reveal your true self to the reader, avoid using words or cliches that others have popularized. Instead, you need to find a unique voice that will make you stand out from the crowd. Don’t let rules stop you from being bold and daring, sad or approachable. It’s all about presenting yourself as an exciting and accomplished person.

Who can help you to write an essay?

An essay does not imply accuracy and structure, so writing an essay is difficult for almost all students. In this case, students can ask for essay writing help from professional authors. To begin with, it is worth filling out the application in detail, indicating the type of work, deadlines, and the number of pages. It is necessary to immediately calculate the cost of the essayю Secondly, choose an author who will write your article.

It’s easy to do: each subject has its writers and rating, which is made up of customer reviews. Thirdly, when an agreement with the author is reached, writing an essay begins. Finally, the student can easily communicate with the author himself in the service chat, making his corrections and corrections. An undoubted advantage of the company is that they cooperate with authors with higher education and scientific ranks. Vast experience in writing essays allows them to create the necessary work for customers quickly.