Solar Lights Buying Guide: Features to Look for

By  //  June 6, 2022

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Solar lights are gradually becoming more mainstream due to their cost-effectiveness and carbon neutral nature. People are now using solar lights even for decoration. Solar lights for gardens are pretty popular, and you will find them in different sizes and shapes. 

If you plan to buy solar lights for decoration, you will have to consider a few factors. Some of the factors that you should consider while buying solar lights are as follows:

1. Brightness Level

People often wonder whether solar lights are dimmer than ordinary lights. Solar lights range between 10 to 2000 lumens. A standard electric bulb is usually 800 lumens. Your solar lights can be brighter or dimmer than ordinary lights depending on the brightness level you choose. 

You won’t find any specific suggestions from experts regarding the brightness levels of solar lights. But if you’re looking for outdoor solar lights, it’s better to find something that will make it easier to walk in the dark. Consider the size of your outdoor area to decide the brightness level of the lights.

2. Ease of Installation

Figure out whether you will be able to install solar lights easily. You will have to find an electrician to fix the electric lights. But you can usually fix your solar lights by reading the instructions manual carefully. The only thing you need to remember is to place the solar panels in a place with access to sunlight.

3. Quality

Like any other thing, you should always consider the quality of solar lights before buying them. Especially when you plan to install the solar lights outside, you will have to focus more on their durability. Try to find brands that design weather-proof solar lights. It will ensure that the lights won’t wear away due to rain, heat, and humidity.

4. The Durability of the Batteries

Batteries store solar energy to power the lights during the night. Before buying solar lights, you should always consider whether the batteries can power the lighting system all night. If not, you should look for other solar lights. 

You should also look for replaceable batteries while buying solar lights. Sometimes the in-built batteries cause inconveniences. When your solar lights have replaceable batteries, you can easily add new batteries to make the lights work.

5. Cost

You should always look for solar lights in packs as they are more cost-effective. People often shy away from buying solar lights due to the high cost. But once you invest in solar lights, you will be able to save on your energy bills.

6. Aesthetics

If you buy solar lights for decoration, you should always consider their design and aesthetics. Check out the Gigalumi Outdoor Lights to illuminate your garden, yard, or driveway. It would make your outdoors perfect for holding gatherings from time to time. Once you install the solar lights, guests will keep appreciating your sense of aesthetics. 

Ending Note

Buy the best outdoor solar lights today. You will be protecting the environment while giving your outdoors a stunning appearance.