Supreme Court Rules in Favor of Former High School Football Coach Fired For Post-Game Prayer on 50-Yard Line

By  //  June 27, 2022

Supreme Court ruled Monday in a 6-3 decision

WATCH: Fox News chief legal correspondent Shannon Bream breaks down the details of former high school football coach Joe Kennedy’s case and the Supreme Court’s 6-3 ruling in his favor.

(FOX NEWS) – The Supreme Court handed a big win to a former Washington high school football coach who lost his job over reciting a prayer on the 50-yard line after games.

At issue was whether a public school employee praying alone but in view of students was engaging in unprotected “government speech,” and if it is not government speech, does it still pose a problem under the First Amendment’s Establishment Clause.

The Supreme Court ruled Monday in a 6-3 decision that the answer to both questions is no.

“Here, a government entity sought to punish an individual for engaging in a brief, quiet, personal religious observance doubly protected by the Free Exercise and Free Speech Clauses of the First Amendment. And the only meaningful justification the government offered for its reprisal rested on a mistaken view that it had a duty to ferret out and suppress,” Justice Neil Gorsuch wrote in the Court’s opinion. “Religious observances even as it allows comparable secular speech. The Constitution neither mandates nor tolerates that kind of discrimination.”