Things You Can Buy from Cryptocurrencies

By  //  June 29, 2022

On May 22, 2010, Mr. Laszlo Hanyecz created history by making the first Bitcoin transaction. He bought two pizzas from a Papa John’s in Jacksonville, Florida, for 10,000 BTC. Several developing cryptocurrencies, including Bitcoin, are often utilized as investments, but they can also be used to purchase various goods and services.

We’ve compiled a list of things that may be bought with cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin, Ethereum, Litecoin, etc. Here you can get more info about Bitcoin.

Here are some of the things you can accomplish with Bitcoins and other approved cryptocurrencies:

1. Food

Although two of the most well-known fast-food businesses, Subway and KFC, offered limited-time bitcoin purchases, some eateries continue to take Bitcoin. Many pizza shops accept Bitcoin as payment for their eateries.

2. Electronics

Probably one of the best IT companies that accept Bitcoin payments is Newegg. Newegg accepts Bitcoin and various other altcoins through BitPay, a cryptocurrency online payment service. On the other hand, Newegg does not provide reimbursements for BitPay purchases.

One company that takes Bitcoin for tech purchases is Crypto Emporium. You may even sell your invention for Cryptocurrency on this platform.

3. Subscription Services

Bitcoin can be used to buy more than simply physical items. Subscriptions are also available! You might join up for a VPN, web services, or even a streaming platform with Bitcoin.

While some subscriptions take Bitcoin instantly, others need you to pay via a gift card. For example, you can pay for an ExpressVPN membership using Bitcoin on the company site, but users will need to purchase a gift card to pay for a Netflix subscription with Bitcoin.

4. Pharmaceuticals

While Cryptocurrencies can be used to purchase Rx Prescription medicines online, do your research beforehand. There have been numerous confirmed online pharmacy frauds since the emergence of Cryptocurrency, so ensure that the company you’re purchasing from is legitimate and has a good reputation.

5. Hotel bookings and airline tickets

You now have the opportunity to travel with a small amount of cash in any currency other than Cryptocurrency. Both and welcome cryptocurrency payments for aircraft tickets or hotel reservations. For hotel reservations, Expedia only accepts Bitcoin.

Other than Bitcoin, many new cryptocurrencies are gaining popularity and ecosystems. Whereas most businesses have initially been hesitant to buy cryptocurrencies, their growing popularity has prompted many to try them out. It is a piece of fantastic news for those searching for a long time.

6. Clothing

While few clothes stores accept Bitcoin payments, a few do, including Norstrom Rack, Etsy (for selected sellers), and Pacsun. Many Bitcoin-accepting clothing retailers use payment services like BitPay to complete transactions, so double-check what you’ll do before purchasing apparel with Bitcoin.

7. High-End Products

The White Company offers a variety of high-end goods that may be bought using Cryptocurrency and delivered anonymously. You can buy luxury cars, watches, and artwork—basically everything you need to start enjoying the high life.

8. Real Estate 

It is viable to purchase real estate with Cryptocurrency. However, there are certain limits. Users must guarantee that the customers and the organization in charge are satisfied, even if they are the most excited participant in the deal. The seller must want to buy your bitcoin, and the companies handling the Cryptocurrency have to be familiar with it. Once you’ve fulfilled those two conditions, you’re free to hunt for a new house in Phoenix or any place you think would be a suitable investment.

9. Tools and Hardware

Do you want to freshen up your living room? You can now use Bitcoin to do so. Through the payment processor Flexa, Home Depot, one of the U.S’s major hardware stores, allows Bitcoin payments. Customers can now pay for their home remodeling and hardware items using Bitcoin at Home Depot locations that use Flexa checkout devices.

10. Gift Items

Even though you may not have been able to buy anything with your digital currency right away from Walmart or Target, you may use it to purchase gift cards through apps like Gyft. They do not impose any additional fees and guarantee the security of transactions.


The popularity of Cryptocurrencies such as bitcoin is expanding. Whereas most establishments were first hesitant to accept cryptocurrencies, their increasing popularity has prompted many to try them out. It’s fantastic news for crypto fans who have been seeking opportunities like this for quite some time. After reading the preceding article, they now know what to buy with their digital currencies.