Throw the Best Pool Party This Summer With These 5 Tips

By  //  June 16, 2022

The summer season is here and that means it’s time to break out the sunscreen and swimwear and have some fun. One of the best parts about the warmer months will always be the community that it fosters.

During the colder months of winter, house parties and dinners can provide enrichment for social events, but nothing quite compares to the freedom and invasion of a summer cookout. The truth about summer tho is that it happens fast! 

For most people, this is also the time when they take their family vacations and get out of town for a bit. As your friends and family plan their much-needed getaways, it’s important to try and prioritize some community time around the pool. Yes, the summer can be a crazy busy time, but you won’t forget to host a pool party with the people you love this summer. 

If you have been wanting to host a summer pool party, here is everything you need to know.

1. Break Out the Calendar Early

One of the first things you have to do is put the date of your pool party out there with enough time for people to respond to it. Remember, summertime moves fast for you and everyone else. Getting everyone on the same page in the summer and to a party is a beautiful thing, so respect your friends and loved ones’ time by figuring out a date as early as possible. 

The best way to do this is to first formulate your guest list, and then see who may have the most challenges with schedule conflicts. Once you have that in mind, you can either network with them to see what date works or put it out far enough in advance that it will be easy for them to structure around it. Either way, the first step to making a pool party to remember, is to do a little planning that pays off in the long run.

Now, this doesn’t always have to be the case! Some of the best parties are created on the fly and they just work. So don’t take this too seriously, if you get an itch to do something any particular weekend, send out the invites and see what happens. It’s the summer, enjoy it to the fullest! 

2. Pool Floats 

If you go through all the work of making a pool party with food, music, and atmosphere, then don’t forget about the pool floats. It may sound a little childish at first, but the whole point of a party is to hang out and connect with the people you love. Pool floats bring this kind of connection to the water as your friends and family can lounge on floats and catch up. Yes, there will be other things to do at the party, but making sure you have enough floats to go around is a thoughtful, and great way to facilitate connecting over the pool.  

What’s more, is that you can get floats for any kind of party you want to throw. Getting creative with your pool floats is a subtle way to really impress your friends and loved ones that will enjoy the water. 

3. Have The Right Kind of Protection For All the Fun 

Want to score some serious points as host? Have enough sunblock on hand that no one needs to worry about it. Not only that, but take it a step further and create a gift bag with your favorite brand of sunglasses, or sun hat for your guests. This kind of thoughtful gesture goes a long way to making people feel appreciated and taken care of. 

4. Remember The Different Dietary Restrictions and Preferences

Yes, a pool party screams firing up the grill and throwing some hotdogs and hamburgers on there, but be mindful of the different dietary restrictions and preferences of your guests. This could be as simple as making sure you have a couple of plantbased patties or one or two gluten-free options. Food is an awesome way to make people feel included and loved, so catering to dietary differences is a great way to be a stellar host this summer! 

5. Don’t Forget the Fruit 

Summe pool parties mean summer fruit. Do not throw a pool party this summer without getting your favorite summertime favorites from citrus to melons, berries, and more. These fruits and berries are an excellent source of hydration for you and your guest and taste even better when the sun is out and shining. Something as simple as watermelon can go a long way at a pool party, and you can be sure that there won’t be any leftovers. 


Being a great host for your summer pool party just takes a little thoughtfulness and intention. With these five easy tips, you can throw a party that will be the highlight of the summer!