Tips to Sell Your Nissan Car Parts & Get Paid Instantly

By  //  June 29, 2022

Has your car been worn-out due to your daily commute? Do you want to sell your Nissan car but are afraid of not getting anything in return?

If so, it’s time to hire the best auto wreckers in New Zealand!

Your car is unlikely to sell if it is worn out and battered down or if it has succumbed to rust.

That isn’t to say that all hope is lost.

You still have the option of “parting out” your car and selling used car parts to wreckers, which could help you collect some cash before it’s time to junk it.

Here are the tips you should consider before selling your Nissan car parts in NZ.

1. Pick a Good Online Site

First and foremost, you must choose a good internet platform to sell your car parts to car wreckers. There are other options, but the internet is the most convenient. It’s usually a painless process that lets your goods ch. You must choose an internet site with a strong community or a significant volume of visitors.

2. Pick Parts That Are Going to Sell

You can sell various parts of a car if it’s in good condition, still functions, and is reasonably priced. Even though you can sell many parts from a car, it’s still crucial to choose those you know will sell. Used spark plugs and transmissions with many miles on them are unlikely to sell for much money. Radios, HVAC controls, CD dash, subwoofer/speakers, and any other easily changed item or in high demand for a car are examples. Electronics like this are a fantastic choice because they are simple to replace and people are always looking for better speakers and CD players.

3. The Parts Need to Be Tested — and Work

These parts must be tested and in functioning order before being sold. The first step is to examine the parts and remove any that don’t work or aren’t in excellent condition. People won’t want them if the tyres have cracks or no tread, the subwoofer makes a scratchy sound when the bass strikes or the CD Dash doesn’t play a CD. Most likely, they’re purchasing these parts to replace ones that already exist in their vehicle. 

Would you also want to have to fix the component if you were buying a part to try to fix something on your car? You’re wasting your time and the buyer’s time if you put a part up for sale that’s too worn-out or doesn’t work.

4. Make Sure to Set Realistic Prices

It should go without saying, but you must set reasonable prices. If you put a subwoofer that rasps higher than what you paid for it, it will not sell. A subwoofer with a husky tone is a lost cause that should never market. The price should be appropriate for the item’s condition and competition. If you set a buyout price, you’re handing the sale over to the next person in line selling it.

5. Take Good Pictures

You can’t choose which viewpoint you want potential purchasers to see since they need to see both the good and the negative to make an informed decision. If the CD Dash’s screen has a minor scratch, don’t take it at an angle obscures it. Buyers must know what they are purchasing, and the only way to do so is through photographs.


It all comes down to ensuring the parts are in good working order, tested, and listed at a fair price with accurate information and photos.