Top 10 Moments of the NFL 2021/2022 Season

By  //  June 7, 2022

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This was one of the most exciting years of football we have had in a very long time. From the vaccine controversies, the unpredictable Super Bowl lineup, and the records broken – there was barely a moment of reprieve. And we can’t wait to do it all again next year. 

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Today, we are going to look back at the 10 most iconic moments of the season and postseason. 

#10 – Tom Brady Retires 

This news sent a shockwave around the world. Especially because it was leaked and Brady didn’t get a chance to announce it himself. 

For many people, the NFL without Brady is unimaginable. To put it into perspective, this year’s Draft class wasn’t born when Brady was drafted… 

Many had suspected he might leave after a middling season from the Bucs, but the news still came as a huge shock to many. 

#9 – Tom Brady Returns 

The news that came as a bigger shock to all of us was Brady announcing that he would be returning to the NFL just 30 days later. 

Brady says there is still more for him to achieve in the game and he has his eye on a few more records. 

He also said that he had a long talk with footballer Christiano Ronaldo which changed his mind. 

#8 – The Lions Win Their First Match 

The NFL is one of the most competitive leagues in the world, so we are always heartbroken when a team goes a whole season without a win. And the Lions have done this in recent memory. 

It looked like the Lions were going to repeat their 2008 tragedy. Thankfully, they turned things around in the 13th match of the season. And went on to win their last 5 games. 

If you need cheering up, go watch the team celebrating their first win when the final whistle goes. 

#7 – Rodger’s Breaks Farve’s Record 

Since 2002, Brett Farve has been the Packer who has the most touchdowns. That changed in the last match of this season. 

This is one of the better things that Rodgers will be remembered for this season. What he will also be remembered for is lying about his vaccination and being fined $14,000. 

Or the fact that he said he would rather retire than play for the Packers again… Watch this space. 

#6 – Dak’s Back, Baby! 

Whatever they have been doing at the camp in Dallas, it is working. 

The team moved up 4 places in the NFC table and had their best season for a long time. 

Tre Diggs and Dalton Schultz both showed huge improvements in their respective roles and were in our Top 5 for the most improved player. 

But, Dak Prescott stole the show this year. 

If Prescott could have cut down on the fumbles it would have been the perfect season. But we are glad to see him well and back doing what he loves. Especially when he managed to score 37 touchdowns in 16 games this season. 

#5 – The Extra Game 

This season had 18 games, making it the longest on record. And we are not complaining. 

We have had two years of seasons being disturbed by COVID-19 and we were happy to see things moving back to normal this season. 

#4 – John Madden’s Memorial 

This was the biggest bitter-sweet moment of the season. 

The death of John Madden broke the heart of every football fan in the land. For many, the NFL without John Madden is even more unimaginable than the NFL without Brady… 

The tributes organized by the NFL this year warmed our hearts and brought a tear (or seven) to our eyes. 

Rest In Peace John Madden. 

#3 – The Rams Knock Out The 49ers 

This is one of those games that all fans will look back on in a few years and think, did that really happen? 

No expert could have ever predicted how the 2022 Playoffs would have gone. But of all the games that happen, this is still the most surreal. 

At half-time, the Rams were losing 17-7. But thanks to a few incredible field goals from Matt Gay they came back to win it 17-20. 

This was the biggest upset in the NFL this season, possibly for the last few years. 

#2 – Matthew Stafford Win The Super Bowl 

We’re still trying to get over the fact that the former quarterback of the Lions, for the past 11 years, won the Super Bowl this year. 

We are over the moon for Stafford – he has worked hard for a long time and people are finally realizing there was a reason why he was the first pick in the 2009 Draft. 

#1 – We Got The Fans Back 

After two years of not being able to have fans fully in the stadium – this year we finally got them back. 

There is nothing better than seeing a stadium full of fans cheering their team on.