Top 7 Companies That Buy Houses for Cash in Ohio

By  //  June 14, 2022

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Cash buyers can be a good choice if you need to quickly sell an unsightly or troublesome property. Companies that buy houses for cash in Ohio can help you sell quickly, but they’re usually not a good deal. Selling to one of these companies will only get you roughly 70% of your home’s fair market value.

List of Companies that buy houses for cash in Ohio


Houzeo is an innovative MLS listing platform that costs homeowners a fixed fee to advertise their homes on the MLS. Your listing agent will be there to assist you throughout the selling process. A flat-fee MLS listing saves you roughly half the realtor’s commission in Ohio.

Houzeo has created havoc on the flat fee MLS industry since its inception, changing the expectations of sellers in real estate transactions and propelling it to the top of the US flat fee MLS broker rankings. Houzeo is an entirely online procedure. You can use the site to upload papers, accept offers, sign agreements, make counteroffers, and connect with buyers.

Houzeo is best for home sellers who want the most money for their homes with no hidden costs, prompt customer service, and a completely automated procedure.

Benefits of Houzeo

 There are no hidden costs.

Great MLS exposure.

MLS listings are syndicated to thousands of real estate websites, such as Redfin, Zillow,, and Trulia.

A variety of services are available for a reasonable price.

Changes and updates to postings are made quickly.

Homeowners can request cash offers regardless of where they live in the state or the condition of their property.

Using the Houzeo app, you may fill out, sign, and submit your seller’s paperwork.

There is a smartphone app available.

Everything is entirely automatic when you have an online presence.

Ohio Cash Buyers

Ohio Cash Buyers is the most well-known cash house buying firm in Ohio. Homeowners can request cash offers regardless of where they live in the state or the condition of their property. This company is headed by CEO Bryan Blankenship and run by a close-knit team of employees. 

You can close on your house in as little as seven days with Ohio Cash Buyers. It is ideal for homeowners seeking an instant cash sale from a local cash buyer.

Benefits of Ohio Cash Buyers

Flexible Closing Timelines, with most houses closing between 7 to 30 days. 

Ohio Cash Buyers take 24 to 48 business hours to share a cash offer with your house that fulfills their qualifying criteria. 

The company will make a free, no-obligation offer for damaged properties and cover the closing fees.

No need to fix the house or prepare it for sale.

Express Homebuyers

Express Homebuyers has been buying homes in Ohio since 2003 and is a nationwide cash buyer. After inspecting a property, the business makes an all-cash offer and can close in as little as seven days.

Express Homebuyers is on our list because of its long-standing reputation and overwhelmingly excellent feedback. The company has purchased over 4,000 homes around the country, and sellers report that it provides fair bids and prompt service.

Express Homebuyers is best for Distressed homeowners who want to sell their homes quickly and painlessly to a nationwide or Ohio cash home buyer.

Benefits of Express Homebuyers

There is no state-level control over service quality.

Damaged properties are also eligible for a free, no-obligation offer.

Closing costs are covered by the corporation and are available throughout the United States.

Makes low-ball offers on unsightly houses.

We Buy Houses 

We Buy Houses has been buying houses since 1997 and has a nationwide network of cash buyers. We Buy Houses is an Ohio-based real estate investment organization that buys houses. It can make an offer in as little as 24–48 hours and close in as little as 7 days.

Working with We Buy Houses will give you yield a more favorable result than working with a local individual real estate investor. We Buy Houses thoroughly verifies all of its investors and grants them an exclusive license to operate in their zone, so those who utilize the brand name have an incentive to work hard to keep their edge.

Benefits of We Buy Houses

Seven days Closure

The offer is valid for 24-48 hours.

No concerns about repairs.

Reputable Real estate websites with investors  

We Buy Ugly Houses

We Buy Ugly Houses is a real estate investment firm specializing in distressed properties. They can make an offer on practically any home in any condition, except mobile homes. However, they specialize in older homes requiring considerable remodeling and repairs.

The idea is that you can sell your home quickly without having to clean or repair it, regardless of its condition. This firm could be handy if you need to sell soon and are facing foreclosure but have a lot of equity in your home.

Benefits of We Buy Ugly Houses

Nationally renowned and trusted brand.

You don’t have to be concerned about repairs.

Close the deal quickly

No Commission Fees 


Offerpad is an iBuyer, a company that pays cash for houses to help homeowners escape the hassles of selling their homes. Offerpad Express makes you a cash offer and buys your house directly from you.

Although you can use Offerpad on real estate portals, the iBuyer program rewards buyers who work with one of the company’s partner real estate brokers.

Benefits of Offerpad

Offerpad claims to be able to close deals quickly, and user feedback suggests that this is true.

We heard a lot of positive comments from sellers regarding how approachable the company’s representatives are.

Offerpad reviews demonstrate that the service did what it said it would.


Redfin is a low-cost brokerage that only operates in a few locations. Redfin agents provide commission rates that are lower than the industry norm.

This organization can save you money on real estate commissions if you sell your home. Buyers will not benefit from lower commissions because the seller pays the buyer’s agent. If you buy your home through Redfin, you’ll get a buyer’s rebate at closing.

Benefits of Redfin

You’ll save money on commissions.

Good Technology 

Additional services