Top News In Ohio In 2022

By  //  June 28, 2022

2022 is the year that a lot of places are heading back into normality after everything that’s happened with the pandemic over the past few years. However, because we’re in a post-pandemic world, people are now more aware of other news stories, ones that don’t involve the coronavirus. So, to get you up to speed, here are the latest updates in Ohio… 

Inflation And The Cost Of Living

It’s not surprise that the cost of living has increased due to inflation. You only have to look at the UK to see just how far it’s reached. But in Ohio, residents are facing tough choices when it comes to grocery shopping as prices have nearly doubled in the past few years. The cost of soft drinks has increased by 36% since 2019 and even a nice hot cup of coffee will cost you 30% more.

Meat has had one of the biggest price increases, with a pound of beef costing $6.90, whereas in 2019 it only cost $4.78. If you’re a fan of chicken, then you’re also looking to pay around 40% more per pound, making it one of the most expensive meats you can buy. Eggs are even worse, with a rise of 81%! So, you may want to switch up your usual breakfast of scrambled eggs for some bananas instead, as they only cost about 3 cents more than they did previously.  

Tourism And Ohio

The pandemic may have affected people’s health and jobs, but it also had a massive impact on the tourism industry. Many places rely on tourism to help inject money into the economy, so this was a big blow for a lot of states. However, some good news is that Ohio’s tourism numbers are nearly back at what they were pre-pandemic.

With nearly 219 million visitors, it looks like people are ready to get travelling again. It looks like it’s only going to increase as the year goes on too, with the Ohio State Fair happening in July through to August. 

Abortion – Roe V. Wade

At the moment, abortion is currently legal in Ohio. However, if the case of Roe v. Wade falls, the Republican government in Ohio could outlaw it completely. Not only would the law criminalise abortion itself, but it would mean anyone helping someone to get an abortion safely would be breaking the law.

The National Association of Social Workers and Women Have Options-Ohio have now filed a lawsuit saying that the ban would go against their constitutional rights. As the discussion around abortion is still ongoing, only time will tell what the outcome will be… 

Donations To Ukraine

The war in Ukraine has been tough on the country, and people all around the world have been doing their best to try and help them. In Columbus, Ohio, local law enforcement has managed to collect protective gear that they can send to the soldiers and civilians in Ukraine.

They’ve been able to send nearly 2,000 pieces of body armour, 45 helmets, and more. The ongoing war is a terrible thing, so seeing humanity band together from opposite sides of the world to help each other shows that people can be inherently good.  

Air Tags And Bill 672

You’ve probably seen videos online of young women feeling frightened after find an Apple Air Tag in their car. The tags are small electronic devices that can track the location wherever it’s place. This means, if they get into the wrong hands, they could be used to stalk and track people without their consent. At the moment, in Ohio there are no laws prohibiting people from doing this, leaving a lot of people rather anxious should they be alerted that an air tag is close to them.

However, this could all change with the new bill 672. This bill would make using an air tag to track a someone or their property without their consent, a crime. This comes after a woman; Heidi Moon was sadly murdered. Moon believed she was being stalked and an investigator found an air tag hidden in her car. Other women have also reported the finding them too, but currently, law enforcement is unable to assist as no crime has technically been committed.   

Nuisance Ordinances And A New Proposed Bill

In Ohio, citizens can be charged if they call 911 excessively. For example, there have been cases of people with mental illness repeatedly calling, so they then receive a nuisance ordinance and have to pay a fine. However, there have been times when people have called 911 quite a lot, but for good reason.

Victims of domestic violence will generally make more calls regularly, especially if they’re remaining in the same environment. Because they’re on record for calling multiple times, these people are receiving the same ordinances that pranksters and time wasters are getting. But a new bill is looking to try and end this, as it’s deemed unfair when they’re calling for genuine reasons. Ridding the nuisance ordinances for domestic violence victims could encourage people to call, whereas before they might have been worried about having to pay for it. They might just fail to call in the right moment, leading to tragedy, so eradicating these ordinances could have a lifesaving effect. 

News in Ohio is constantly changing, as it does with every other state. But there does seem to be a fair few positive stories popping up, showing that Ohio wants the best for its citizens. There are also more negative stories, but these can be reflected across the US as the cost of living increases, changes are made to bills regarding abortion, and more. However, not everything is doom and gloom, and stories like the police banding together to help out the people of Ukraine can really warm your heart.