What is Florida’s Stance on iGaming?

By  //  June 27, 2022

The state of Florida has quite a history with gaming. It comes with complex laws and a complex history when it comes to legalizing online and offline gaming. Other states, like New Jersey and Nevada, offer a variety of sites and venues to players.

It was until recently that sports betting was legalized in the state. Additionally, online betting is another legal way that Floridian bettors can enjoy. iGaming has been around for some time and although the legislation is against online casinos, Floridian casino enthusiasts can enjoy casino sites but only offshore casino sites.

The Laws in Florida

As mentioned before, the legislation in Florida is a bit complex. Casino fans can always visit tribal casinos if they’re looking to play some games. Pari-mutuel betting is also available in such establishments. Additionally, the Seminole Tribe is responsible for online betting in the state and also offers a variety of casino establishments.

The thing that makes it tricky is that online casino games in the state are prohibited, but casino fans can enjoy them at offshore casinos. Technically, this isn’t permitted, but there are no consequences if someone from Florida decides to play casino games at such a site.

The legal age a Floridian needs to be to visit a casino is 21. This is also the age at which Floridians can enjoy slot games, but they only need to be 18 to play poker. Offshore online gaming only accepts those players that are 18 or older.

These sites accept Floridians although online gaming is technically prohibited. The thing is that the law prohibits any games of chance or luck that are played for money or other things of value. These sites also offer games that players can play without the need to deposit. With an account on the site, they could easily enjoy their games without breaking the law. Technically speaking, they are in a legal grey area.

The Current Situation

2021 was a year in which the legislation shifted in favor of the Seminole Tribe. The tribe takes Florida a step in the next direction as it is allowed to operate sports betting in the state. They have also secured exclusive rights to casinos in the following 30 years as well as on roulette and craps.

In the same year, a state gaming commission was agreed to be established and the legislature voted in favor of the compact, but the question remains if the state of Florida will legalize iGaming in the future?


Florida is in a legal rut as the laws don’t currently offer its citizens to play casino games and operators to provide them with casino sites. Currently, operators accept players from Florida which is why these players are able to enjoy their games online. The alternative is playing their favorite games in land-based casinos.

In short, offshore casinos take on Florida players, but time will tell if the state will keep the same opinion on iGaming. As online betting is something that has already happened, it is possible that in the coming years that iGaming operators will be allowed to operate in the state.