Why Has Gaming Progressed so Much During the Last Decade?

By  //  June 24, 2022

There is no doubt that gaming is big business now on a global scale and one of the most popular ways to have fun around Brevard County. With a global market size of just over $200bn in 2021 and a projected revenue figure of around $435bn by 2028, it is clear to see how much we have fallen in love with this pastime lately.

Although this might seem like it has been the case forever, it is during the last decade that gaming in Florida has really taken off. There are, of course, a few different reasons why this has happened compared to previous decades – but which are the most important? 

Choice in modern gaming helps 

One reason for gaming’s progress over the last decade is the amount of choice on offer. Video gaming still forms the foundation for many, but even this has branched out into new areas such as online play and VR titles. 

Gaming as a whole offers more than just video games now, and this explains why it has progressed so much recently when compared to previous years. Playing fun casino games at offshore platforms is now popular in Florida, for example, and offers a new way for gaming to come into our lives. 

The same is true in other states such as New Jersey, where online casino NJ sites enable people to dive into gaming. If you are ever in NJ and need a top site to play at online, Resorts Casino is a great choice. It not only offers awesome customer support, but also a safe, fun place to spend time. 

The quality of the games has advanced massively 

There is also no doubt that the quality of modern games has shot up when compared to previous decades. If you take a game released recently, such as FIFA 22, the graphics, sound and gameplay are streets ahead of a similar title from other decades (such as FIFA 08). The same is true for modern online slots or live casino games when you compare them to older titles. This fantastic progression in terms of quality has brought more people than ever into gaming in the last few years and helped it thrive as a result. 

Gaming has become a mainstream hobby 

In previous decades, gaming was seen as something of a niche hobby. This put a natural cap on how big it was on a wider scale. Modern times have seen gaming become a lot cooler and accepted by the media/society as a mainstream hobby though. Due to this, the whole gaming sector has progressed greatly in terms of popularity in the last 10 years or so.

The gaming industry has a bright future 

While there are lots of cool things to do in Brevard County, gaming seems to be one way of staying busy that has taken off lately. When you look at the progress that the sector has seen recently compared to the period before it, it seems that the last decade has been a good one for gaming in general.