5 Meaningful Art Pieces To Display In Your Jewish Home

By  //  July 31, 2022

Art has always been an important part of home décor. Not only can it brighten your walls with color, but it can also tell a story that means something to you. 

This is important, as every home should be more than just a collection of walls keeping you warm. It is an extension of you and your values. A mirror image so true to your character that whoever walks in can feel your presence even when you are not there.

This is even more true for a Jewish home. For thousands of years, the home has become the sacred hub of the Judaica religion, with many believing that it is the most important place to build a connection with God.

Judaica Art Is Art Made For You

Every piece of Judaica art which tells a story about the religion is telling your story too. There is a sense of community when it comes to Judaism. A shared faith, a shared suffering, a shared hope.

Jewish artists of the past and present have told this story on the canvas, with beautiful abstract, cubism and surrealism movements informing the meaning of the paintings and turning them into timeless masterpieces.

If you have recently bought a new home, or are looking to decorate your current one with some artwork that tells this story, then Jewish art should be seriously considered to ignite the walls and display an impression of your faith in which the home is rooted in. To help you out, here are a few artists to take a look at:

Gitty Fuchs

Inspired by local artists, Israeli painter Gitty Fuchs is responsible for a number of beautiful interpretations of the city of Jerusalem. Paintings like “Art Of Joy” and “Kotel In Teal” are just a couple of examples of work which explores vivid colours and abstract portraits to tell a bright, positive story of Judaica. To browse and purchase any of her works, visit israelicenterofjudaica.com.

Marc Chagall

Perhaps one of the most renowned Jewish painters of the twentieth century, Marc Chagall’s work is a mixture of fauvism, cubism and surrealism. Not only are these paintings beautiful to look at, but they also have a deep, inner message which often navigates the troubles that the Jews went through during the time he was alive. Today, they are a stark reminder of a not-too-distant Jewish history and a statement of the imagination and skills that were used to depict it.

Jean Pierre Weill

If you are looking for something a bit more bright, then you can’t go wrong with Jean Pierre Weill’s work. Using glass painting and 3D art to cover a range of themes, Weill’s art is a beautiful depiction of Jewish culture, nature and landscapes. No two works are the same, and every piece has a level of detail and intrigue which make them perfect as a living room centrepiece.

Get Out There And Explore

Of course, these are just three of the countless Jewish artists who have invigorated the art scene in the past and the present. It is your job now to get out there and find the ones who portray the Jewish faith and the way you feel about it.