6 Cool Destinations Near New York for a Beach Holiday

By  //  July 18, 2022

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Do you have a few days in New York and craving the beach? It’s time for fun! 

Before you go to any of these beaches, grab the necessary items out of your luggage. That includes towels, sunscreen, sunglasses, and swimsuits. Congratulations if you were somehow able to fit beach chairs in there! Just kidding!

Now as you head to the beach you may want to store your belongings somewhere safe nearby. Vertoe offers trustworthy luggage storage in NYC. The best thing is that you’ll find their lockers everywhere in the city. Once you dump your baggage at the lockers, you’ll be able to soak in the sun or swim in the water without worry. 

So choose from any of these six excellent beaches near New York for a terrific holiday.

Coney Island Beach

There is so much to do here during the summer. You could just spend your time on the beach and that alone would be worth it. But there is a whole amusement park with rides and a boardwalk to enjoy. 

Are any baseball fans in the audience? Don’t miss a Brooklyn Cyclones game at Coney Island. You could see possible future Mets players in action.

Jones Beach

This is another popular beach destination for both New Yorkers and visitors alike. There is the beach, and there is also a nature center, among other things. You’ll also find big-name music bands playing at Jones Beach

If you are a music lover, you could see if your trip could coincide with one of their shows. All music lovers should check if their trip coincides with one of the show’s dates. Ahh … music and the smell of the ocean air. What could be better?

Rockaway Beach

Are you into surfing? This is the only New York beach that offers that. No, boogie boarding and bodysurfing don’t count. These waves count. While they don’t reach the size of those in Hawaii or Portugal, they can be fun. Beginners will do better at the summer waves and the experienced ones can enjoy the larger ones in the fall. Rockaway Beach is also the largest urban beach in the entire country.

Jacob Riis Park Beach

This could be considered a hidden gem since not many people know about it (despite it being known as “The People’s Beach). The National Park Service runs it. It’s hidden by a summer recreation park and a World War II military fort.

There’s a Bazaar now, which has slightly increased the number of people visiting this beach. But still, there’s not much crowd. This is also the only beach that can be accessed comfortably by public transportation.

Orchard Beach

This is the only public beach in the Bronx. Robert Moses was the one behind it. 2030 will mark this mile-long beach’s 100th anniversary. Marvel at its unique crescent shape – you can see City Island. If you’re visiting as a group you can also enjoy a game of volleyball, handball, or basketball.

Brighton Beach

Brighton Beach is also called the “Little Odessa” thanks to the heavy Russian and Eastern European population. This beach is more popular for both beachgoers and surfers than the nearby Coney Island. You may also want to add the local restaurants to your itinerary if you want to try out some authentic local dishes. Don’t forget to check out their local markets, too.

These six beaches are your best options. But depending on your convenience you could try other places like South Beach (Staten Island), Long Beach (Long Island), Robert B. Moses State Park (Fire Island), and Manhattan Beach (close to Brighton Beach).

Whichever destination you pick, you’ll surely enjoy the beach. Remember, to collect your things from Vertoe’s lockers before you leave, though!