8 Tips for Buying a Used UTV – Things to Consider and Accessories to Look For

By  //  July 7, 2022

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Whether a first-timer or an experienced off-road enthusiast, you would like to save some bucks when buying a used UTV. No matter your reason for opting out of a new purchase, there are pros to contacting an independent seller. But just like any large purchase, it’s essential to know what to look for and what questions to ask before buying a used UTV.

Here are a few things that I’ve learned from my experience and some tips that I’ve picked up along the way:

Check Your Budget

When it comes to buying a used UTV, budgeting is essential. First, determine how much you can afford to spend monthly. It will help you choose the loan amount you can get. Once you have that number, think about what will happen with your current vehicle if the new one is too expensive. Also, consider how much money it would take for an insurance company to replace your existing vehicle.

Finally, look at accessories and consider whether or not they’re necessary for using the vehicle as intended. For example, some buy winches, so they don’t need straps when pulling trailers home from far away locations. Others believe in extra seats so their families can join them on adventures without worrying about finding space for everyone. There is a wide variety of UTV products to choose from that are available in the market. Pick what suits you that might come in handy if you want some addons on your UTV.

Decide on Size and Style

When choosing the right used UTV for you, it’s essential to consider how you will use it. You can find a few different types of UTVs and should choose one that fits your needs.

UTVs come in three main categories:

■ Sport: These small vehicles are designed for racing and competition. They’re usually lightweight, with high-performance engines and suspension systems. They often have limited cargo space and seating capacity, but that’s not always the case. Some sports vehicles can carry up to six people comfortably for long distances without straining their engines.

■ Utility: These models are suitable for work because they have more cargo space than sports utility vehicles. They also have larger engines than sports models and can tow heavier loads over longer distances without breaking down quickly. If you need something that works well as a recreation and a utility vehicle, look for a used utility model instead of purchasing two separate cars.

■ Recreational: Such UTVs are designed with families in mind. They offer plenty of seating capacity while still being able to withstand bumps along trails.

Riding Terrain and Capabilities

Whether you are buying a used UTV for work or pleasure, knowing what you want the vehicle for is essential. So the first step to buying a used UTV is figuring out how will use it. For example, do you want an ATV? A side-by-side (SxS)? Or another style?

Once you decide what vehicle to buy and where to operate, it’s time to determine where and how often you will drive your vehicle. For example, if you plan on driving in deep mud or snow with steep inclines, having a four-wheel drive may be beneficial for more traction. Additionally, if it is primarily used around town or at campgrounds, having all-terrain tires could save money over high-performance tires.

Check Miles on the Unit

When looking at a used UTV, inspecting the vehicle is crucial. You may find that the miles on the UTV are higher than you are comfortable with, thus:

Check for any damage to the unit. Look around areas to see whether there was an accident when off-roading.

Check that all parts, including seats and windshields, are intact. If anything is damaged, it could mean having issues down the road with this unit. Also, it might cost you more money in repairs than what you originally paid for it!

Make sure tires are not worn out! If they look worn out from being used many times on trails, then chances are they won’t last long if purchased. So be beware when buying older models.

Street Use Registry

If you’re serious about buying a used UTV, you must ensure it has been registered for street use in your state. A quick check of the VIN will reveal if it was ever towed or driven on a highway. If there are no signs of registration, then this UTV was probably never registered for street use and is not road legal.

The title should have “roadworthy” printed, along with information about how many miles were put on during its life cycle.

Registration papers should also be present when purchasing any UTVs. These documents show proof-positive ownership rights within specific jurisdictions around North America, where laws vary regionally.

Warranty for the UTV

A warranty is a good idea and often a good investment. Check if the warranty is transferable, as this could save you money in the long run. A warranty does not guarantee that your UTV will never break down on you, but it does give you peace of mind. It may allow you to bring back a malfunctioning vehicle without worrying about losing money.

Some companies offer “limited” or “powertrain” warranties that cover only specific components of your vehicle. In contrast, others provide more comprehensive coverage for all parts and components, including electronics. It means that when shopping for used UTVs with extended warranties, ensure they’re worth something!

Look at the Accessories

One of the first things you should do is look at accessories that come with the UTV. Some UTVs come with more accessories than others, so it’s essential to ensure you get a good deal. Plus, if any missing parts or items need replacing, this is also something to consider before buying a used UTV.

Most aftermarket parts like a racing simulator seat come at affordable prices, are versatile and are widely available. However, as the guys from Rad.parts insist, make sure you only get accessories and items compatible with your UTV make and model. All upgrades you make to your vehicle need to perfectly fit so that you obtain the UTV looks and functions you need. When you buy UTV parts from an authorized shop, you don’t have to worry about their quality or warranty. However, if you take them from other users, consider the following:

 Check if all the accessories are still in good condition.

Please ensure they are compatible with your riding terrain and weather conditions.

Make sure they fit on your machine.

Extra Equipment

Check for any equipment needed to get the UTV running again. It includes spark plugs, battery, oil, and coolant. Also, ensure you have a spare tire, a tool kit, and a spare key in case one of them is lost.

Also, check for missing parts on the UTV, such as seats or handles. The last thing you want to happen when buying is for it not to start up because someone forgot an important part! If possible, inspect the underside of the vehicle. Rust can be an issue with these vehicles, so make sure there isn’t too much rust damage on the bottom of your new purchase.

These Tips Can Make Buying Decision Hassle-Free

While you might be tempted to buy a UTV on Craigslist, we strongly recommend that you take the time to research before making a purchase. It would help if you were sure that the vehicle you’re looking at is reliable and sturdy enough for what you want to do with it. So take the time to look into the vehicle’s history and any problems it might have had. We hope these tips will help guide your search and give you some idea of what accessories might improve your riding experience.