Amalie Arena Parking

By  //  July 10, 2022

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The multipurpose arena in Tampa, Florida, hosts several events all year long, which keeps Amalie Arena parking lot busy almost every time. So if you’re planning to attend any special event at the venue this year, it would be best to book your slot in advance at Amalie Arena parking area to avoid any inconveniences.

As you must be aware, most times, parking areas at the venue get highly crowded during events which can cause congestion and delays. In order to avoid such troubles, reserving your Amalie Arena parking pass prior to the event is highly recommended. When you’re heading to the venue to attend a highly anticipated concert or the hottest match of the season, sure you would want to make it on time to have the best time.

Being stuck in a jam and missing the first precious moments of the show is the last thing you want happening to you. But don’t worry! We have several Amalie Arena parking options for any event you wish to attend at any time. You can check out the options and secure your Amalie Arena parking pass at the best price possible.  

How To Buy Amalie Arena Parking

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Buy them here > Amalie Arena Parking Pass

Amalie Arena, which opened in 1996, is located in Tampa, Florida, at 401 Channelside Drive in the United States. With a construction cost of $139 million, the multipurpose arena was originally named the Ice Palace and has been the home field of NHL’s Tampa Bay Lightning since 1996.

The venue has also served as home to several sports teams such as NBA’s Toronto Raptors, LFL’s Tampa Breeze, AFL’s Tampa Bay Storm, and South Florida Bulls men’s basketball. Amalie Arena is used for several occasions such as concerts, arena football, ice hockey, and other events.

It can accommodate 18,500 guests for arena football, 19,092 for ice hockey, 20,500 for basketball, and 21,500 for concerts. When planning your visit to the venue to cheer for your favorite team, enjoy a family show, or watch a concert, pre-purchasing your parking at Amalie Arena can save you a lot of time and parking stress on the day of the event.

The venue has several parking lots within walking distance, and if you want to park your car at the nearest parking lot, purchasing your Amalie Arena parking pass ahead of time can help you do so. Since the parking area is offered on a first-come, first-served basis unless you reserve your space on time, you might have to park your car a few blocks away, requiring you to walk for a long distance, and it can be of great inconvenience.

Finding a suitable parking lot is not challenging if you’re well-prepared ahead of time. All you got to do is filter the options and choose your preferred parking pass that fits your budget. You’ll find several Amalie Arena parking options at varying price points for all events.

So if you’re heading downtown to attend special occasions, you should reserve your parking before driving to the venue. And by doing so, upon reaching, you can go straight to your reserved lot and smoothly park your car since you already know where you should park your vehicle, and it can save you from last-minute parking hassles. 

The multi-purpose arena in Tampa Bay Area was built since there was no proper major league-sized arena in the region. Since then, the multipurpose venue has hosted several events. Also, NBA’s Toronto Raptors played their home games at the arena during the 2020-21 NBA season.

It has hosted several NHL Stanley Cup Finals, including ArenaBowl, the 2007 ACC Men’s Basketball Tournament, the 2009 NCAA Division I Women’s Volleyball Tournament, NCAA Division I Men’s Ice Hockey Tournament, and more. Amalie Arena also regularly hosts the NCAA Division I Women’s Basketball Tournament and the NCAA Division I Men’s Basketball Tournament.

As you can already guess, the venue is packed with events all year, and even the best parking lots are taken up quickly when events are nearing. So if you’re planning on attending any events this year, booking your Amalie Arena parking pass in advance is the smartest choice and can save you from unnecessary troubles. 

There are also several ways to purchase your parking passes, and you can easily buy them on the day of the event as well. But do you know why it’s best to purchase your parking pass online? Pre-booking your parking tickets online is much cheaper than buying them at the venue, and online reservations tend to offer exclusive discounts.

Not only that, but as the event nears, the rates tend to increase, and you may pay more than others. Hence, the earlier you book your parking pass, the better options you get at a better price. Amalie Arena has ample parking spaces and garages. By booking your parking pass online, get a guaranteed Amalie Arena garage parking for the event you wish to attend without any hassles.

You can use the help of a navigation app to get through your designated parking area smoothly by entering the name of the garage or parking lot you have booked to park your vehicle on the day of the event. Or, if you’re looking for better options to park your car away from the crowded area, you also have Amalie Arena club parking option to park your vehicle safely so that you can be at ease. 

Amalie Arena VIP Parking

If you dread game-day traffic and crowded spaces, the best option is to get yourself Amalie Arena VIP parking pass. That’s right! Being a VIP does have its benefits, and with your VIP parking pass, you can seamlessly park your car at best and the safest place in the arena. If lucky, it might include a valet service too!

How Much Does Amalie Arena VIP Parking Cost?

Typically, you’ll find Amalie Arena VIP parking starting at $42 and could go up to $120 or more depending on the event. However, prices are subject to change daily and can vary on the day of the week.