An Interview With Call Me Hood: Rap, Comedy and Content

By  //  July 13, 2022

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David Mitchell who is also known as Call Me Hood is a rapper, entrepreneur, and content creator. He has a lifelong passion for music and has been involved in making music since his early teenage years. He is also the creator of a successful YouTube channel which has over 200,000 subscribers.

YouTube is the second most popular social application in the world with 2.5 billion users every month. Additionally, YouTube’s revenue has increased 46% from 2020 to 2021 with the platform earning $28.8 billion in 2021. Hood’s musical career has led him to work with several well known artists including Soulja Boy and Baby Keem. 

Interview With Call Me Hood

Space Coast Daily: What was the inspiration behind your YouTube channel? 

Hood: I have always been an active participant of the YouTube community and I started my first channel when I was 12 or 13. My current channel was started in 2015 when I was inspired by other content creators who were making similar content to what I wanted to produce. I would also say that I am a natural entertainer and that YouTube provides me a platform to share my content and entertain others. Spreading positivity through my work is another major inspiration for me and I really want my content to have that effect in others. 

Space Coast Daily: How would you describe your style of rap? 

Hood: My style of rap is called based rap. The term was coined after the artist Little B who is known to have started the based rap scene. I am also looking to produce conscious hip-hip while still using the based style of rap. The style of based rap includes a number of different stylistic elements but the main message behind it is spreading positivity. This was the same for Little B when he created the style of rap. 9:47

Space Coast Daily: Who are your influences as a musician? 

Hood: I would say I am influenced by artists like Little B, Soulja Boy and Baby Keem and more recently Kendrick Lamar. Drake is my favorite artist and I consider him to be the greatest artist of all time. He definitely inspired me a lot because when I listen to his music I feel very motivated and positive. I also take a great deal of motivation from Drake’s story and seeing how far he has come from where he started. Seeing his success was also part of the inspiration behind my YouTube channel. 

Space Coast Daily: What has been your biggest accomplishment in your career? 

Hood: My biggest accomplishment has been doing a song with Soulja Boy. That was a huge accomplishment for me because he’s definitely one of my favorite artists. If there was no Soulja Boy there would be no me in the sense that I would not be in the same place as an artist myself. I have also spoken with Little B and I consider that a huge accomplishment as well because I got to be in the same atmosphere as the people who inspired me to make music. 

Space Coast Daily: What was the biggest challenge you’ve faced as an entrepreneur? 

Hood: I would have to say it’s the process of getting people to believe in my vision. Because it’s ultimately my vision and while communicating that to people they wouldn’t always understand it in the way that I had it in my mind. When I started doing video game repairs at age 14 people did not believe in me and they considered it a waste of time. Now I have an empire built around it. It’s hard to get people to believe in your vision until they see that vision come into fruition. 

Space Coast Daily: What is your favorite video game? 

Hood: My favorite video game of all time is Black Ops 2 for the Xbox 360. 

Space Coast Daily: Where would you like to see yourself in the future?

Hood: I see myself with a bigger following for my music and for myself in general. I would like to make some good investments in the real estate industry. Additionally, I want to continue to grow my business and continue to expand as an entrepreneur. I still see myself based around my music because I consider that a way of allowing my soul to speak. I have also recently started a record label and I would like to do the same thing which Soulja Boy has done for a lot of young artists and launch their careers. 

Space Coast Daily: Why are you interested in running for a political position?

Hood: I have run for a political position in the past and I plan to do so in the future as well. My motivation for this is seeing the injustice that people are going through as well as the injustice which I have gone through myself. I see a lot of injustice as a result of the so-called criminal justice system in the US in the form of police brutality and unjust incarceration.

I really want to see a change in the community and make young people feel like there is a way for them to make a change in the world and in their community. I was first beaten up by cops when I was 12 years old and I want to make sure that this violence does not occur to anyone else. 

Space Coast Daily: What change would you like to see in the world?

Hood: The main changes I would like to see are a far greater degree of acceptance amongst people and a far lesser degree of hatred. I would love to see a lot more positivity come forth and for people to realize the positive impact which they can have on the world. I would also like to see a far greater level of equality and fairness in the world. Particularly with regards to the criminal justice system. 

Final Thoughts 

Call Me Hood is a diverse artist and content creator with a number of different projects and success stories under his belt. From his work with Soulja Boy to his thriving YouTube channel Hood has enjoyed a strong period of achievement. He plans to continue this success and continue to grow his business, his brand and his music career through a number of different avenues.