Are You Using Lube the Right Way? Here’s What You Should Know

By  //  July 31, 2022

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If you are like the rest of us, you are a human with human desires. That means that you will have the desire for sexual intimacy and pleasure.

This is nothing but normal and is something that is expected when it comes to the human experience. So when it comes to lubrication, it should be a topic that is something you do not shy away from.

The right lubrication can help enhance the type of comfort and pleasure you experience when you are getting intimate or giving yourself pleasure. Everyone should have the right natural lube on their nightstand.

But when it comes to choosing the right one and feeling confident that it is only going to provide you with enhanced pleasure, it is important to make sure you know everything about lube. And that includes how to apply and use it properly, along with all the various things to look out for with ingredients and how it was made.

How to Use it the Right Way

Lube is not just for dealing with dryness. Nowadays there are so many extra benefits that lube can provide you with too—regardless of your gender or how easily you can naturally stimulate your body.

Recent studies have shown that women who use lube—regardless of any pre-existing conditions—find sex way more enjoyable than without lube. While many people shy away from using lube during intimacy because they fear that their partner will think they are not naturally aroused by them the opposite mindset needs to be taken.

Getting rid of those negative connotations is going to open you and your partner up to a whole new amazing level of intimacy. It should be pleasurable for both people and if a little bit of natural lube can help bring you both to the next level, why wouldn’t you be anything but excited to use it?

Defining Lube

Before we get into all the details on how to use it, let’s first go back to defining what lube is. Lube is either oil, water, or a gel solvent that is designed to reduce friction when getting intimate or doing self-pleasure.

The variety of lubes is made with different results in mind too. Some lubes are made to help if you are being intimate with a condom. Others are designed to support playing around with sex toys. And others are made with self-pleasure in mind.

Finding the Right Lube

How do you go about finding the right lube then? What do you need to look for to know that you’ve selected the best for what you want? In general, you will want to consider three main factors. The first factor is cost. Of course, lube is something that you will need to continue stocking up on so you want to make sure that it is in your price range. You do not need to necessarily get the most expensive to know you’ve got the best option. But do be mindful to not compromise the price for the quality.

This brings us to our second point, which is picking your lube based on ingredients. We’ll get into more detail on that in a bit, but in general, you want to understand what base lube you are getting and the supporting ingredients it has. In general, you want to try to get natural lube that is free of chemicals. Those with a base of CBD and coconut oil tend to be the best.

Finally, finding the right lube can largely be done by researching what other customers are saying. Nowadays it is easy to go online and look at other customer reviews—the good and the bad—to get the full picture.

Top Ingredients to Look For

In general, you want to avoid using lubes that have chemicals as part of their ingredients. You are applying this to your most sensitive organ and in the most sensitive area of your body. So having lube with chemicals can put you at great risk of getting resulting rashes or bad reactions that can result in discomfort.

In general, the best ingredients to look for in lube are natural and organic. This means that you know what the ingredients are (and can pronounce the name), can trace where the ingredients were sourced from, and have the confidence it will do nothing but positive things for you while in bed.

How to Apply Lube

Especially if your lube has CBD in it, you will want to apply it a bit in advance of actually doing the deed. That way it has time to properly stimulate the parts of your body down there so you can thoroughly enjoy it.

Make sure you apply it in all the areas necessary to be lubed up—and if you are a female that means both externally and internally.