Best 3 Songs to Learn English with 5 Tips You Should Follow

By  //  July 28, 2022

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English is an international language. In this rapidly progressing world, learning and understanding English is a must. If you want to cope in this world, then you need to learn English, which is essential for every sphere of life. 

Sometimes typical systems become a headache when you are learning something. That is why you should try learning English with songs. This can be a very interesting way that will help you grow. 

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5 Ways to Learn English Through Songs

1. Choose Songs You Like

English songs can be a very perfect way to learn English. First, choose songs you like, because your favourite songs make you feel better and more confident. That is why you can easily crack your favourite song’s lyrics.

With the help of the lyrics, you will get to know many words, which will help you gain more vocabulary. All of the new words will help you when you are communicating with someone in English.

2. Listen to Them on Legal Platforms

When you are learning English with the help of English songs, you will need those songs’ lyrics. Because lyrics contain new words, which are essential for you to learn English more and more. 

For the lyrics, find some legal platforms because only legal platforms have the exact correct lyrics. Other platforms sometimes have the wrong ones, which can hamper your learning process, so listen to those English songs on the legal platform.

3. Learn from the Lyrics

As you already know, you need to know the lyrics when you are learning English with English songs. You know too that you need to find legal platforms just to be sure about the right lyrics.

 Learning from lyrics is a very good idea that will help you to know and learn the meaning of any sentence. This will give you an idea of sentence structures and vocabulary. 

4. Sing with Them

When you are listening to English songs, start singing along with them. This will help you to be more fluent and teach you the right pronunciation. Beginners face many problems with pronunciation at first. 

Do not be shy while you are saying a new word, because mistakes make people realize and learn. Continue this singing process every day and then you will see very soon you will be fluent in English.

5. Take Notes

Notes became the saviour for everyone. This helps to make and understand everything in an easy way. Every day, when you are learning a new unique word, write it in your notebook. 

Revise this at the end of the day just to make sure that you remember everything. Besides, you can also write about how to learn English in different easy ways, which will make your learning process easier than before.

3 Good Songs to Learn English

1. Hello, Adele

Hello is the song where you can learn about the introduction in English. With the help of this, you will get to introduce yourself better than before. 

This song is written in general English with no extra rules, so this can be very helpful for your learning process in English.

2. Thinking Out Loud, Ed Sheeran

This is also a general English-written song where you will get to know about someone’s absence, emotions, memories, and past precious things

From this, you will get to know many intense words, which can be helpful for understanding emotions in English.

3. Shallow, Lady Gaga and Bradley Cooper

This song will also teach you many intended words that mean asking someone if he or she is truly happy or not in this progressing world or what someone’s mental condition is. 

This can be a very good song for learning English because it contains many emotions.


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