Best Car Insurance Companies in Mexico 2022

By  //  July 10, 2022

Each year, institutions like Comision Nacional para la Proteccion y Defensa de los Usuarios de Servicios Financieros (CONDUSEF) seek to assess the performance of insurance companies active in the country.

Through this assessment, CONDUSEF evaluates best practices such as policy content, customer support, collision complaint resolution, days taken to pay compensation, etc. To get the best car insurance you need to analyze important factors about the different options available.

You can support the rating given from CONDUSEF and other types of sources like client opinions. Another way of getting the best auto insurance is by using one cotizador de seguros de auto online en, This tool includes insurance agreements at the top of the last table from CONDUSEF.

Which are the best car insurance companies?

In the last quarter of the year, CONDUSEF shares the results of the assessment of car insurance companies, You need to check and evaluate performance to get the best car insurance in 2022.

Another tool that works with the majority of the companies presented in the following table is tu comparador de seguros de auto en México, whether you prefer using one of the tools mentioned, you can quote, compare and contract your policy with these companies.

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1 Seguros Monterrey 9.20 9.34 9.92 9.92
2 Seguros BBVA 8.65 9.32 9.33 9.41
3 Seguros Sura 8.66 9.76 9.29 9.37
4 HSBC Seguros 9.21 8.91 9.48 9.20
5 AXA Seguros 7.82 8.88 9.26 9.17
6 HDI Seguros 9.18 8.61 8.92 9.14
7 Citibanamex Seguros 7.25 8.65 9.21 9.13
8 Chubb Seguros 8.70 8.96 9.09 9.02
9 AIG Seguros 8.63 9.22 7.50 8.97
10 Seguros Atlas 9.16 8.99 9.27 8.85
11 Zurich Santander 8.61 8.82 8.46 8.76
12 Zurich compañía de Seguros 8.47 8.79 8.59 8.64
13 GNP 8.91 8.64 9.25 8.61
14 Seguros Inbursa 9.06 8.76 8.85 8.17
15 Mapfre 6.77 8.38 7.53 8.02
16 Seguros Afirme 8.88 8.79 9.31 7.80
17 Quálitas 7.33 7.13 7.94 7.34
18 Metlife 6.82 6.68 7.42 7.25
19 Seguros Banorte 8.46 7.28 8.15 6.85

How can I find the best car insurance?

Getting the best car insurance depends totally on the type of your requirements and your budget, however, you can follow the next tips to find a good option that provides broad coverage at a good price.

■ Compare car insurance quotes, you can support whit agentes de seguros en México, who can you guide about the advantages, investment, and other factors that offer the best protection option for you.

■ Find out about rebates, insurance companies often offer seasonal rebates, or even lower prices for clients who decide to purchase another type of policy, insure more than 2 cars, or choose a single annual payment.

■ Choose coverage for your needs: choose a policy that gives you the coverage you need, in fact, you can find three types of coverage: liability insurance, comprehensive insurance, and limit insurance.

■ Knowing the benefits, when buying auto insurance, it is very important to know all the benefits it brings, such as crane transport, 24-hour emergency support, tire change, locksmith, etc.

How can you see, to get the best car insurance needs to check the many factors, from rates to feedback from relevant institutions like CONDUSEF.  Follow the above tips and utilize comparison tools such as