Care360 vs. NextGen: Which is the rRght EHR Tool for you in 2022?

By  //  July 5, 2022

No modern healthcare organization can function without electronic medical records (EMR) software. Without a robust EMR application, your medical facility will be stuck with an unorganized stack of patient charts and paper records that pose higher risk of inefficiency.

Thus, there’s an inevitable need for healthcare providers to find a relevant software solution that helps oversee and streamline day-to-day tasks so that they can spend more time focusing on patient care.

Fortunately, the EMR market is full of comprehensive health IT tools, including Care360 and NextGen medical software solutions, which have been leading the way in this space. Both have some overlapping features and help practices streamline their daily operations, but they each have specific use cases and go about patient health record management differently.

Here we will go into Care360 EHR vs. NextGen EHR, comparing features, cost structures, and overall design, so that you can compare the two options side by side and pick the right tool for your business. Let’s take a look.

Care360 EHR vs. NextGen EHR: An overview

Care360, now known as Quanum EHR, offers an ONC-certified medical software solution across various specialties, including cardiology, neurology, oncology, and infectious diseases. The software features a robust suite of tools to help physicians optimize workflow efficiency and deliver the best patient care possible.

Designed to be flexible, this electronic medical records solution supports healthcare practices of all sizes and enables users to simplify the complex tasks concerning patient care, health record management, and data sharing. Healthcare businesses rely on it to manage every aspect of their practice, while making patient care more interactive, informed, and personalized. Moreover, Care360 EHR reviews suggest that the software streamlines daily practice operation so that physicians can focus on providing quality healthcare. It also supports benchmarking and tracking of clinical quality measures.

NextGen medical software offers an all-inclusive EHR package for specialty practices of all sizes. The platform provides an extensive, integrated technology to help providers improve workflow efficiency and reduce errors. It promotes interoperability, allowing users to streamline patient communications, personalize care delivery, and share patient data across various systems.

This electronic health recording solution is also lauded for streamlining provider workflows, reducing administrative burden, and improving patient engagement. This Cloud Based EMR is operating system agnostic and can be accessed through any internet-enabled device. NextGen EHR reviews suggest that the software comes with many robust features, such as automatic patient registration and instant insurance eligibility, to expedite the care process. Book NextGen EHR demo to try out these functionalities in real-time.

Care360 vs. NextGen: A comparison of Features

Care360 EHR software and NextGen EMR are two widely used medical software platforms that offer comprehensive tools to help physicians optimize workflow efficiency and improve healthcare outcomes. However, there are a few distinct differences in their functionalities which you should understand before investing in a solution that will become your go-to tool. Let’s get into them now!

Care360 EHR Salient Features

According to Care360 EHR reviews, the software offers a feature-packed, scalable solution for improved care delivery, workflow automation, and optimized medical billing:

Clinical Documentation: The software takes care of the clinical side of a medical practice by providing custom clinical templates and notes for medical providers. It allows you to document a patient encounter in multiple ways, making treatment planning easier and more straightforward.

Electronic Prescribing: Care360 medical software makes it easier for users to access and capture vital patient information anytime, anywhere. Clinicians can electronically transfer prescriptions to a patient’s preferred pharmacy. This helps improve quality, efficiency, and client outcomes. It also notifies users in case of any harmful drug interactions. 

Claims Management: Care360 software empowers users to streamline their entire billing process. It offers a variety of billing tools, including insurance verification, scrubbing claims of errors, automated billing statements, and more. Book Care360 EHR demo to get a prompt walkthrough of these functionalities. 

Practice Management: Quanum Practice Management suite empowers the front-desk staff to manage client flow and streamline the day-to-day tasks more efficiently.

NextGen EHR Salient Features

NextGen EMR medical software offers all of the major features physicians look for in a quality EMR software. It includes several tools that streamline practice workflows, boost efficiency, and improve patient care:

Patient Scheduling: This electronic medical records software offers a powerful scheduling tool that streamlines the entire scheduling process. It displays a color-coded calendar, which users can customize to display appointments by facility, provider, or another custom option.

Patient Registration: The software helps physicians eliminate the time-consuming task of data entry. When registering a new patient, it automatically fills most of the required fields by using the real-time insurance eligibility checks.

Labs and E-Prescribing: NextGen EHR ensures a secure prescribing process by automatically looking for the potential drug-to-drug or drug-to-allergy interactions. The software also recognizes your commonly prescribed medications for certain conditions.

MIPS/MACRA Dashboard: It comes with a MIPS/MACRA dashboard that is designed to help users promote interoperability standards by tracking compliance with the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services (CMS).

Pricing Comparison

■ Care360 EHR pricing starts at $250 per provider per month. The vendor offers flexible pricing plans that support a wide range of customization options. 

■ NextGen EHR pricing ranges between $299 to $549 per user per month. The provides a cost-effective solution that offers robust functionalities to its users.

Wrapping Up

Both Care360 and NextGen are excellent electronic medical recording tools in an industry full of variations. Both offer comprehensive functionalities and have matured into quality products. They are flexible solutions for healthcare businesses with diverse needs. You should use Care360 if you want to customize as much as possible to fit your specific practice needs and use NextGen for reducing administrative burdens and optimizing workflow efficiency.

However, we highly recommend that you do the necessary leg-work and go through Care360 EHR vs. NextGen EHR comparisons before arriving at a decision. Click Here to read more about other EHR Software Pricing analysis.